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Chapter 9.1
Chapter 9: Chronic Poison (Part 1)


Lin Chujiu was still lying on the bed and fighting back her urge to eat. She looked at the side of the table to see the old servant and the little maidservants. Their eyes showed ridicules and pride.

Lin Chujiu slowly turned her body, swallowed her saliva and weakly said: “You can go now, I will eat them later.”

Lin Chujiu really want to throw out all the food in the table, with its aromatic flavor wouldn’t it stimulate her hunger more, right?

But the old servant sullenly said: “Eldest Miss, let this old servant serve you. Your body is still weak so this old servant will help you get up first.”

Meaning: her good stepmother instructed them to look at her as she finished eating them all.

What a vicious and attentive woman? Her stepmother really wanted to kill her.

Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but admire that woman, but… …

Does she still think that she’s the original owner? That if she tried coaxing her she will think that she is really loved and she can just toss her aside whenever she wants too?

“Get out of here!” Lin Chujiu angrily

said. She gathers up her strength and ruthlessly throw the ancient porcelain pillow and directly hit the old servant.

“Bang,” Lin Chujiu is quite good, the porcelain pillow hit the old servant’s middle forehead. The old servant’s red blood started to flow and the scene looks bloody and violent.

“Ah!” The old servant screamed and fell to the ground, the two little maidservants behind her turn pale and didn’t dare to come forward.

“Don’t make me repeat myself, drag that old woman on the floor and get out of here!”

Lin Chujiu didn’t eat anything for three days, so her pale face looks very ugly and scary. The two little maidservant’s legs got soft but still dragged the old servant. They leave immediately and left the delicious food.

Most people wouldn’t be able to stop themselves from eating the food with its aromatic flavor, but Lin Chujiu is not an ordinary person.

Lin Chujiu has a very strong self-control, determination, and tolerance, those qualities must also be the reason why she excels in her studies and career.

Lin Chujiu’s willpower is very strong and firm, so she won’t be easily shaken. Although Lin Chujiu is timid at

at ordinary times, but during the crucial moment she has fearless spirit. Just like when she sacrifices herself to guard and protect the six Z country’s NBI officers. She doesn’t know them, but she cherishes their life.

Three days without eating, any person who faced with a delicious food on the table would want to eat them. Lin Chujiu also want to eat, but thinking about that those foods will harm her she can only be firm.

After she sent out all the servants, Lin Chujiu opened her quilt and sent back all her medicine inside the medical system. She repeatedly counts them to make sure that nothing is missing before she gets out of bed.

Seeing the table with full of delicious delicacies, Lin Chujiu smile and lifted up the table without any hesitation. “Bang”, all the dishes on the table fell to the ground and nothing was spared.

All the maidservants that were guarding her heard the sound and rushed inside. They saw the dirty appearance of the room and shout loudly: “Eldest Miss, What are you doing?”

Lin Chujiu ignored them but stared at the food on the ground. Her eyes flash with a touch

a touch of coldness. She didn’t want to make trouble, but some people are forcing her to do so!

When the foods fall on the ground, the medical system immediately issued an alarm and showed its assessment. The foods have toxic substances but very low and not fatal.

The toxic substance is very low that’s why the medical system didn’t detect it soon. But, if the amount is large it will send an immediate reminder.

Hmmp, Lin Chujiu sneer. Since Madam Lin wants to play, then she will play a big role with her.

Lin Chujiu put away the mocking expression on her face and expressionlessly look at the two maidservants near the door: “I want to see Lin Xiang!”

“Eldest Miss, what did you say?” The little maidservant’s face suddenly changed and seems at loss while looking at Lin Chujiu.

Eldest Miss called the Master what?

“You didn’t hear me wrong, I said I want to see Lin Xiang!” Tomorrow is her wedding day, so what’s there to be afraid of? No family support in the future?

That’s simply a dream, even if she doesn’t cause trouble and stay good or obedient, this family is already unreliable.

“Eldest Miss, Mas… unreliable.

“Eldest Miss, Mas… Master … …” The little maidservant doesn’t know what to do and cannot move her feet.

Lin Chujiu already expected that these maidservants that were guarding her are her stepmother’s servants. Lin Chujiu didn’t get worried and slowly said: “Tell this to Madam Lin, what will she do if Prince Xiao learns that his future wife was poisoned before their wedding day?”

The chronic poison inside her body can be diagnosed by the medical system and the other doctors. But, the imperial physicians are not fools so they wouldn’t dare, to tell the truth easily.

“Eldest miss, what are you talking about?” The little maidservants don’t really know. But, Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to make things more difficult and just said: “You don’t need to know. Just say these words to Madam Lin, I will wait for her for a quarter of an hour, if she wouldn’t come to see me then she should ready herself to face the consequences.”

Lin Chujiu pulled the chair out and sits while facing the door: “Oh, and give me two bowls of rice porridge. Just use white gruel and don’t put anything else.”


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