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Chapter 805: Execution, cant suffer

Leading troops into the city, hiding the dragon robes privately, and having a huge amount of property with unknown origins… Any one of these three things can kill Xiao Tianyao, let alone the combination of the three things.

Even if the private possession of the dragon robe was hidden, even if the huge amount of property was planted because of unknown origin, it was an iron fact that ignoring the imperial decree and leading troops into the city, Xiao Tianyao’s sophistry cannot be tolerated, or even sophistry was useless.

Now the Emperor brought up these three things at the same time and questioned the courtiers, but the courtiers were not allowed to defend Xiao Tianyao.

The Emperor did not give the courtiers a chance to defend Xiao Tianyao. Not long after the words fell, the Emperor said again: “The origin of the huge property of Xiao Wang’s mansion is unknown, which made people angry, causing thousands of people to be injured. The impact of this incident is extremely bad. If I don’t deal with Xiao Wangye, how will I explain to the people of the world? How can I be worthy of the tens of millions of people in the East?”

“Your Majesty, this matter… still needs to be investigated. This minister asks his majesty to investigate clearly.” The officials who spoke for Xiao Tianyao couldn’t find any evidence to defend Xiao Tianyao, so they had to say these innocuous words, secretly worried for Prince Xiao.

Prime Minister Lin has always been a practical person. Although his mind moved when Prince Xiao was in great power, he will not let go of the opportunity to perform in front of the emperor.

As a dog raised by the Emperor, Prime Minister Lin knew exactly when to say something to please the Emperor. There was no need for the Emperor to make any further statements, so he stood up and said righteously: “How can we find out these matters if the evidence is conclusive? Do you want to say that someone plotted against Xiao Wangye that’s why he brought his troops back to the capital without permission? And the huge amount of property that has an unknown origin and was also framed by someone?”

Prime Minister Lin asked three questions in a row, and without waiting for anyone to answer, he threw out another three questions: “Everyone knows that the Jinwuwei Army only listens to Xiao Wangye, so who do you think can plot against Xiao Wangye to bring his army back to the capital? Their camp is so strict that not even a fly can fly in. The Eldest Prince and the Seventh Prince went to the Jinwuwei Army camp empty-handed that day. Who can hide the dragon robe under the eyes of the Jinwuwei Army? The property confiscated from Xiao Wangfu is more than the country’s 10 years income tax, who do you think is capable of framing Xiao Wangye?”

He seems like asking other questions, but they answered the first three questions.

The world was well aware of the bravery of the Jinwuwei Army, and there was news that even the Black Armored Guards of the Central Empire had suffered at the hands of the Jinwuwei Army.

Except for Prince Xiao, no one in this world can mobilize the Jinwuwei Army, and no one can frame and scheme against Prince Xiao under the eyes of the Jinwuwei Army.

When Prime Minister Lin said this, the audience fell silent, and all the generals opened their mouths, wanting to speak up to defend themselves, but they didn’t know where to start.

Although the Emperor was dissatisfied with Prime Minister Lin’s vacillation before, this remark won his heart deeply. Seeing the look in the Emperor’s eyes, Prime Minister Lin seemed to have been beaten with chicken blood, and his words became sharper: “Your majesty, if a prince violates the law, he must be punished like an ordinary person. Xiao Wangye garrison his troops for private use, intending to rebel, and the evidence is conclusive. This minister asks his majesty to punish Xiao Wangye seriously, to serve as an example to others.”

There was only one dead end for rebellion. The so-called punish seriously of Prime Minister Lin was a beheading.

“Your Majesty, please punish Xiao Wangye seriously, to others not imitate him.” Prime Minister Lin was the emperor’s lackey, and his words were often the result the emperor wants. So as soon as he said it, many civil servants began to agree. The generals were very angry, but Prime Minister Lin was right. It would be useless for them to get angry again, so they could only say dryly: “Your majesty, this matter…”

However, as soon as they opened their mouths, they were interrupted by Prime Minister Lin, “The evidence of Xiao Wangye’s rebellion is solid. You don’t want to share the emperor’s worries, but you care about pleading and defending Xiao Wangye. Could it be that you are conspiring with Xiao Wangye to rebel?”

Prime Minister Lin’s words were undoubtedly driving people to a dead end, and the ministers who wanted to speak up to buy time for Prince Xiao turned pale with fright.

“I dare not!”

“The emperor is wise!”

“I have no two minds!”

At this time, even if they want to, they can’t say it. However, if they didn’t say anything, it doesn’t mean that the Emperor and Prime Minister Lin will let them go. As the most useful minions of the Emperor, Prime Minister Lin never needs the Emperor to talk too much and will take the initiative to share the Emperor’s worries.

“Your Majesty, General Zhen, General Ji, General Chen, General Xiao…” Prime Minister Lin pointed to the generals on the right one by one. These people he pointed out were all personally related to Prince Xiao. “These generals have a very close personal relationship with Xiao Wangye, and they have prevented the emperor from mobilizing troops to capture Prince Xiao many times before. I suspect that they are colluding with Prince Xiao to rebel. I ask his majesty to take these people down and interrogate them carefully.”

“This general was wronged, this general was wronged!” The few generals who were named seemed to have expected it, and they were not afraid of being named, but just shouted grievances with righteous faces, without a trace of timidity or flinching.

They were indeed from Prince Xiao’s camp, but Prince Xiao has never made friends with courtiers. These people were grateful for Prince Xiao’s kindness, so they speak up for him everywhere, but they did not participate in the rebellion.

It was precise because they did not participate that they were able to stand confidently in the hall, speak for Prince Xiao, and delay time for Prince Xiao.

“Whether you were wronged or not is not for you to say. It needs to be interrogated by the Ministry of Criminal Justice to find out. You just said that Prince Xiao is innocent, but what is the truth? Prince Xiao has long been willing to be a disobedient minister by accumulating money and stationing troops.” Prime Minister Lin made a move, He writes beautiful articles with a good hand, and his mouth is naturally sharp. His words were not very lofty, but his words are like knives, piercing people’s hearts.

“Your Majesty, I have been wronged. I defend Xiao Wangye because I believe in Xiao Wang’s character. I have no intention of rebelling against you. I would like to ask the emperor to check it out.” When the Emperor announced that he would take down Prince Xiao, they knew they will end up like this today.

Although they didn’t have much personal relationship with Prince Xiao, they were all suppressed by the Emperor during the previous storm. If Prince Xiao didn’t t suppress the Emperor’s arrogance, they and their family would have collapsed long ago.

It can be said that without Prince Xiao, there would be no them, and if Prince Xiao fell, they would not benefit. Now that Prince Xiao was taken down by the Emperor and charged with treason, even if they didn’t intercede for Prince Xiao or stop his troops from entering the capital, the Emperor would not let them go.

“Prime Minister Lin is right. Whether you are wrong or not, the people from the Ministry of Punishment. Come and take them down.” Prime Minister Lin understands the Emperor, and these were the people the Emperor wants to take down.

This conspiracy has a wide range. In order put crime on Xiao Tianyao’s head and destroy Xiao Tianyao’s reputation, he spent so much thought on planning. It would be a loss if he only dealt with Xiao Tianyao alone.

This time, he not only wants to get rid of Xiao Tianyao but also uproots his influence in the court and the army… …

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