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Chapter 79.1
Chapter 79: Bitter and not intentional (Part 1)

The Scholar student’s two ears don’t listen to anything outside the window, they only focus on reading books. So, these group of people is the best tool to incite the people’s heart to make them do things that they don’t dare. Unlike the palace officials who only tried using their family’s reputation and connection to be officials.

“Send a few more scholar students to continue passing rumors, I want to hear different voices.” Xiao Tianyao uses the public voice to washed away his bad reputation. The Emperor will use the same method, however, to step down on him.

“Remember, Zhen doesn’t want you to blindly say that he is not good.” The Emperor sent people to guide the rumors, but he doesn’t want it to be too obvious. After all, people who have eyes were smart. So, he doesn’t want those scholar students to see that he was in a hurry. With Xiao Tianyao’s disability, the people

will eventually be cold to him and will call him cruel once again.

“This servant understand.” The kneeling man stayed motionless until the Emperor finished. When the Emperor finished, the man immediately got up and retired.

“Come in, Prime Minister Lin Xiang.” The Emperor didn’t stop even for a minute, he gave his order one after another.

“This official greets the Emperor.” When Lin Xiang greeted the Emperor, his spirit is somewhat low.

After all, his baby daughter had knocked her head to the wall when they visited the Xiao Wangfu. When the doctor saw the injury, he said that the injury will be scarred. Because of that scar, Lin Wanting’s marriage to the Crown Prince will be in danger.

There’s no way a future emperor will marry an ugly woman, right? However, the saddest part is, his baby daughter wants to marry the current Emperor’s most annoying brother. These continuous events are simply terrible.

So in these past few days, Lin Xiang was so worried to

to the point where he could no longer eat.

“Prime Minister Lin.” The Emperor frown and said a bit coldly. However, when he saw Lin Xiang’s low-spirited appearance, the Emperor felt satisfied, so he nodded his head before he continues to say: “Prime Minister Lin, a few days ago, I heard that Imperial General Ning Yuan is the ringleader of the corruption that is happening in our army. He was corrupting our deceased and casualties soldier’s pension. Don’t you think that this is a serious matter?”

Although the Emperor had asked about it, his intention is self-evident. After all, Imperial General Ning Yuan is Xiao Tianyao’s confidant. And under him, there were thirty thousand soldiers. With this issues, Xiao Tianyao will definitely pay him a visit to talk about this matter.

Once you heard the sound of the string, you will know the song. Lin Xiang has always been good in figuring out the Emperor’s intentions. However, this time, his face turn pale because he

because he can’t understand him.

What ring leader? What corruption? Imperial General Ning Yuan didn’t do anything like that, so it doesn’t matter. There is no evidence, so it doesn’t matter. They only want to take this drastic measures to instigate the scholar student’s mind to see that the people under Prince Xiao are corrupt.

And what if Xiao Wangfu counterattack?

Xiao Wangfu is not as big the palace, so no one will risk his life to anger the emperor and protect a small pawn.

The other two monarchs inside don’t agree, but they know very clear that Lin Xiang is always backing the Emperor. Seeing Lin Xiang’s clueless face, the Emperor couldn’t help but rubbed his eyebrows and wanted to rest for a bit. However, the Emperor personal eunuch suddenly came in and said “Third Prince Xiao Zane’s legs disease trigger, the doctors cannot suppress his pain. Third Prince Xiao Zian was in a lot of pain because his blood stops flowing to his legs, his his legs, his finger toes are starting to turn black.”

“My son, Zian … …” The Emperor’s face immediately changes in color, then he suddenly got up: “Summon Imperial Qing Yuan immediately!”

Inside the room, Third Prince Xiao Zian was lying deathly pale on the bed. His whole body was aching, so he’s trying to harden his muscles. His lips were trembling and his forehead was full of sweat. The pain is too much for him to handle so he couldn’t help but tightly pulled the bed sheet.

However, he still kept silent about it, so the people around him don’t know how he exactly felt.

“Zian, how are you?” The Emperor direct went to him and didn’t mind kneeling beside the bed.

Xiao Zian shook his head hard but didn’t speak. He was so afraid to open his mouth because he doesn’t want to shout in pain. Seeing this, Imperial Concubine Zhou immediately came forward and explained: “Huangshang (Emperor), Zian is feeling an extreme pain, so he couldn’t speak.”

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