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Chapter 76.1
Chapter 76: To steal and didn’t promise anything (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu felt like Xiao Tianyao is not a complete ruthless person, he’s just hiding his good side. But, when she heard Housekeeper Cao’s report, she couldn’t help but jump up from the chair.

“What do you mean? Wangye, wants to let Mo Yuer to take care of me?” Wow, they haven’t officially married, but she couldn’t wait to steal my position?

It seems this group of people doesn’t see her as Princess Xiao ah. She gave Xiao Tianyao enough face, but he cannot give her some?

Housekeeper Cao didn’t expect Lin Chujiu would react like this, so he busily explained: “Wangfei, your body is still weak. So, when Wangye heard from Divine Doctor Mo that Mo Yuer learn some medical skills from him, Wangye let her take care you.”

“Are you sure Xiao… … Wangye said that?” Lin  Chujiu almost called Xiao Tianyao by his name. Thankfully, her

mind is quick so she was able to stop herself immediately.  After all, if it reaches Xiao Tianyao’s ears, he might even file a lawsuit.

“This … …” Housekeeper Cao was put in a very tough situation. But still, he nodded his head, even though he himself cannot believe that their Wangye would act so intimate.

Fortunately, Lin Chujiu didn’t continue to make things hard for Housekeeper Cao. She just sighs and then sits back again before she said: “Housekeeper Cao, please tell Wangye that I appreciate his kindness and concern. But, I, Lin Chujiu might be afraid to die, but I don’t fear death.”

Lin Chujiu’s last sentence is very confusing. But, Housekeeper Cao understands what she meant.

She cherishes her life, but not to point of being greedy.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. But, Housekeeper Cao couldn’t stop himself from asking again: “Wangfei, can’t you give it some thought? Wangye is just

just concern about you.”

“Housekeeper Cao, I cannot let Mo Yuer take care of me. Although they haven’t get married yet, she will be a concubine in Xiao Wangfu in the future. So, when that happens, what do you think the people will think about me?” But, the most important point is, will that cold beauty really take care of me?

“But, Wangfei, your body is?” That was what Housekeeper Cao is really concern about.

Lin Chujiu might be born to that annoying Lin Family, but she is very nice. So, Housekeeper Cao really likes her a lot and doesn’t want her to die and be changed by someone else.

“Housekeeper Cao, I know my condition very well. And I know that Mo Yuer cannot help me with it.” Well, she is not sure if Mo Yuer’s  skill is bad. After all, Divine Doctor Mo was able to diagnose her condition just by

just by checking her pulse. So, she believes that this father and daughter is not completely a fool.

So, if they really had the skills, then that is enough reason to convince herself that Mo Yuer can put her life in danger.

Housekeeper Cao failed to convinced Lin Chujiu. So, he immediately reported back to Xiao Tianyao. Xiao Tianyao seems expecting it, but still, he said evilly: “Tell her to come and see benwang immediately!”

Just by listening to his voice, Housekeeper Cao knows that Xiao Tianyao is angry. So, even though his old legs are already aching, he still runs to Lin Chujiu’s courtyard.

Their Wangye and Wangfei’s courtyard are very far from each other, so Housekeeper Cao felt really tired.

When Housekeeper Cao arrived at Lin Chujiu’s courtyard. He tried to massage his legs first before he comes inside and reported to Lin Chujiu that Xiao Tianyao wants to see her immediately.

“I’ll change her immediately.

“I’ll change my clothes first.” Lin Chujiu didn’t expect it, so she got a bit nervous. Right now, he is famous for being one of the top ten candidates to be a good husband. So, he wouldn’t kill her, right?

As long as Xiao Tianyao will not strangle her, she wouldn’t fear him because she doesn’t care about nobility or such. She is not Lin Wanting, so she doesn’t need Xiao Tianyao’s affection.

Speaking of Lin Wanting, that girl is such a poor child. She was driven out from the Xiao Wangfu, so right now she was burning from fever because of lovesickness. Lin Wanting was still in a drowsy state, so her stupid mouth is kept calling Xiao Tianyao’s name. Because of that, Lin Furen had no other choice but to take care of Lin Wanting by herself because she doesn’t want other people to know about it.

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