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Lin Chujiu just ask casually, but she doesn’t expect any answer to Xiao Tianyao. However, unexpectedly, Xiao Tianyao did not only answer her question but also explain in seriousness.

“Lin Xiang is an extraordinary man. He joined the government and become an official when the Emperor was still suppressing the poor citizens. And because he came from a poor family, he married the daughter of the town governor. In the end, he realized that he can’t rely on his wife’s family alone to climb up high and can only rely on the Emperor. Lin Xiang is good in assessing the situation, so he’s always trying to figure out what will be the Emperor’s intentions and then he will act according to it in advance. With that, he was able to satisfy the Emperor and manipulated him to make him the prime minister.”

It’s very rare for Xiao Tianyao to say a lot of stuff in front of Lin Chujiu, but Lin Chujiu didn’t hear much of it because her mind went blank while her mouth got open wide in an “O” shape for the whole time.

Since when did he become a good speaker ah?

Did he get possessed by a demon like Lin Wanting? Or is he like Lin Wanting and fell love at first sight with her? But, isn’t it a bit too late for that now?

Xiao Tianyao didn’t seem noticed Lin Chujiu’s facial expression and just continue to say: “So, it can be said that all these years Lin Xiang become so busy running like a dog to the Emperor and doesn’t have time to understand the few women in his house. And because of that, these few women were able to deceive him with their dirty little tricks.”

Lin Chujiu who is standing in front of Xiao Tianyao didn’t hear them clearly. But, because his voice sounds very serious, Lin Chujiu just tried to thank him after he finished: “Many thanks, Wangye, for clearing my doubts.”

“No need, it’s just a trivial matter.” Xiao Tianyao doesn’t really want to answer her. But, because he doesn’t want her to get sad too much, he answered her question for her sake. After all, Lin Xiang’s behavior earlier is really hurtful.

Lin Chujiu said in quite a seriousness: “It maybe just a small trivial matter for Wangye, but it was a big one for me. Because after Wangye cleared my doubts, I wondered if I’m really Lin Xiang’s daughter.”

Lin Chujiu tried to say for fun, but Xiao Tianyao nodded his head and seriously said: “Maybe, you’re not really Lin Xiang’s daughter.” Calling your father “Lin Xiang”, are you supposed to be his daughter?

“Wangye, I’m just joking.” Lin Chujiu said with a very sad face. After all, if she is not really Lin Xiang’s daughter, then it means that her mother committed adultery, right? Although Lin Chujiu doesn’t have any affection for this mother, if her mother’s reputation turns bad, then it won’t bring her any good, right?

“Benwang is also joking.” Xiao Tianyao said with a very serious face, but a slight smile can be seen in his eyes.

The “sad” face that Lin Wanting showed him made him feel sick, but Lin Chujiu’s sad face looks very cute, so he finds it very… …pleasing to his eyes.

Lin Xiang’s plan in taking Lin Chujiu back to their mansion complete failed when Lin Wanting fainted. Lin Furen suggested asking Lin Chujiu to call Divine Doctor Mo to treat Lin Wanting. But fortunately, Lin Xiang is not that stupid.

He is a not a fool, so he wouldn’t force Lin Chujiu to please Divine Doctor Mo for such a small injury. Or else, he will be scolded.

Instead, Lin Xiang asked Doctor Wu to bandage Lin Wanting’s injury and then sent her back at home. At this point of time, Lin Furen no longer tried to object. After all, she is worried that if Lin Wanting stayed longer in Xiao Wangfu, she would do more drastic things. She had never thought anyway that her daughter would be like her. Falling for someone they called “brother-in-law”. Such thing to happen is really terrible.

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