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Chapter 75.2
Chapter 75: To settle and can only help by doing this (Part 2)

Lin Xiang interrupted Divine Doctor Mo’s treatment to Lin Chujiu earlier, but that doesn’t affect Xiao Tianyao’s arrangements. Because once Lin Xiang walked away, he asked Divine Doctor Mo to meet him and explain Lin Chujiu’s condition.

However, Divine Doctor Mo didn’t answer him immediately. Instead, he asked: “Wangye, does Wangfei know medicine?” Earlier’s event shocked him, so he could only think of this reason.

“Yes, does it have any relation to her condition?” Xiao Tianyao doesn’t like it when others are inquiring about his people. And Lin Chujiu is his wife, so even though he wasn’t interested in her, he cannot tolerate it.

“No, it doesn’t. It’s just, earlier, when I was checking Wangfei’s pulse. Her pulse was abnormal, I’m sure it’s not because of her disease. So, I wonder if Wangfei deliberately changed her

pulse condition.” Divine Doctor Mo said. He wanted Xiao Tianyao to learn that Lin Chujiu doesn’t appreciate his effort on finding a cure for her.

“Is that so?” Xiao Tianyao slightly squinted his eyes, so his long eyelashes were able to hide his smile.

It seems his Princess’s medical skills are better than he imagined. After all, she was able to play around with Divine Doctor Mo.

“Wangfei, tampered her pulse condition, such action is very unfavorable to doctors who are trying to make a diagnosis. I’m sure those ordinary doctors didn’t know about it.” Divine Doctor Mo tried to side with other doctors, as if everything he does is for the good of his patients and there was no sense of selfishness.

Benevolent see benevolence, the wise see wisdom.

“She’s still a bit childish Doctor Mo, so you don’t need to keep it in your heart.” Xiao Tianyao

Tianyao simply explain. But hearing this, Divine Doctor Mo unconsciously frown his eyebrows:  An eighteen-year-old girl is still childish? If you will look at the average eighteen-year-old girl, they already have children.

Divine Doctor Mo wanted to say, but because Xiao Tianyao said it, he could only bite the bullet and let it slide. So, he tried to change the topic: “Wangye, your legs… …”

Divine Doctor Mo haven’t finished his words, but Xiao Tianyao interrupted him: “Doctor Mo, Wangfei tampered her pulse, but ordinary doctors didn’t know about it. However, you know it, right?”

“Of course,” He is a genius doctor, so why he wouldn’t notice?

“Then, you also know how to treat her, right?” Xiao Tianyao asked, but Divine Doctor Mo didn’t answer him. Divine Doctor Mo just stroke his white long beard while looking at Xiao Tianyao to silently reject him.

“Doctor Mo, just make a list of

list of medicines that you might need. If we don’t have it in the courtyard, then I’ll directly ask Housekeeper Cao to find them.” Xiao Tianyao no longer beat around the bush, he began to think that Lin Chujiu is not bad, but does he plan to keep her from himself?

Dream on!

“This old man had already seen the herbs in the courtyard, there’s nothing missing. So, Wangye doesn’t need to worry at all.” Divine Doctor Mo can only say with a bit smile.

His daughter will marry Xiao Tianyao. So, if Xiao Tianyao will continue to show his care to Lin Chujiu like this, then he must worry about his daughter.

“Good, then benwang will order Liu Bai to go and check your needs most of the time.” Xiao Tianyao said to create an opportunity for Liu Bai, he can only help him by doing this. But, if this is still not enough, still not enough, then he has no other way.

“Thank you, Wangye for your concern.” Divine Doctor Mo calmly said. After all, even though can’t see right through Xiao Tianyao’s calculation, he knows that Liu Bai has his daughter in his heart. Meaning: Xiao Tianyao is looking for a trouble before his marriage to his daughter. So, Divine Doctor Mo added: “Wangfei seems has discomfort to her body. Mo Yuer learns a thing or two medical skills from me, so this old man wonder if she could meet Wangfei to take care of her?” 

Divine Doctor Mo is willing to do anything that he can to prevent Liu Bai from getting close to his daughter. Xiao Tianyao knows what Divine Doctor Mo is thinking, well, Divine Doctor Mo has the very right to do this.  Xiao Tianyao doesn’t want to be too obvious, it’s only for temporary, so he said: “Benwang will ask Wangfei.”

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