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Chapter 738: Good-for-nothing, rich and imposing (Part 2)

Shi Yihan was not such an unguarded person.

Although Shi Yihan has never endured hardship, he said that he was raised by the legendary woman Shi Qianqian. Shi Yihan couldn’t be like a hairy boy unaware of the danger in the river and lakes.

One step, two steps… …

Although Shi Yihan didn’t notice his existence, Demon Lord was still very careful, and every step was extremely light and steady, like a ghost.

Demon Lord knew where Shi Yihan lived because someone was one step ahead of him to find him!

The shopkeeper of the inn and the little servant sneakily touched the door of Shi Yihan’s room, and quietly put their ears to the door. After waiting for a while, the little servant said: “Boss, he’s sleeping like a dead person and haven’t woken up.”

Obviously, this was a black shop. Shi Yihan’s rich and imposing manner made the shopkeeper and the little servant mistake him for a fat sheep, and they were going to slaughter this fat sheep tonight.

“Interesting.” Demon Lord didn’t show himself, but put his arms around him, stood aside, and watched the play!

The shopkeeper looked left and right to make sure that no one was there, then he whispered to the little servant: “Let’s go in. Remember, kill him as soon as you enter so that he doesn’t have the opportunity to shoot.”

“Don’t worry, boss, I know what to do.” The little servant shook the heavy axe in his hand and said confidently.

The shopkeeper was very careful, he looked again and made sure that there was no movement inside or outside the house, and then opened the door.

*Squeak* The door opened a small crack, and the shopkeeper and the little servant squeezed in one after the other. As soon as he entered, the little servant raised his axe, rushed to the bed, and slashed at the quilt.

In the darkness, they could not see, but Demon Lord could see clearly.

Shi Yihan was not in bed at all.

Thinking about it, the young master of the dignified shadow moon tower, if he died in the hands of the black shop owner, it can be seen how useless he was.

“AHHH…” Demon Lord didn’t wait too long, a scream came from the room, followed by the sound of heavy objects falling to the ground.

Listening to the sound, it should not be someone falling, but the axe.

*Plopped* Then someone knelt.

“Young man, young man, please spare my life. I have a hundred-year-old mother and a child who is still not on the full moon. Please spare my life, young man.”

This was the voice of the shopkeeper. He was begging Shi Yihan for mercy. Unfortunately, although Young Master Shi was as beautiful as the breeze and bright moon, he was not a good person. The shopkeeper and the little servant wanted to kill him, how could he leave the owner of the store alive?

“After stopping this young master from having a good dream, you want me to let you go? Who do you think you are?” Before the words were finished, the sword was unsheathed, and there was a sound… it was the sound of blood rushing out.

Immediately afterward, Shi Yihan came out with his sword in hand, but he didn’t leave. He stood on the steps, and his eyes fell on the hidden position of Demon Lord: “Come out!” Although he didn’t find it at first, he still found out.

Demon Lord doesn’t have the intention to continue hiding. He walked out generously.

The blood-red coat and half a ghost face, this was the dress usually Demon Lord wear in front of people. In this world, there was no other person who dares to wear clothes like this, except for the Demon Lord.

“Demon Lord, why are you here?” Shi Yihan was shocked when he saw the appearance of Demon Lord.

He knew that Xiao Tianyao had sent a lot of people to stop him from going to Northern Country to hold him back. But he didn’t expect Xiao Tianyao would invite Demon Lord. Is this…a bit exaggerated?

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