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Chapter 72.2
Chapter 72: Loving husband and go back home to recuperate (Part 2)

Lin Wanting doesn’t really like this kind of talk. She couldn’t even wait to take a knife and stab Lin Chujiu on her chest. Such topic that is full of hypocrisy is not only a waste of time but also a waste of energy.

“Jiejie, why wouldn’t Niang (Mother) worry about you? Didn’t you know that when Niang heard that you were sick, Niang got so worried about you to the point where she herself got also sick in bed.” Lin Wanting tried to say for her mother

“Yiniang got sick? Then, why you didn’t send someone to inform me ah… …” Lin Chujiu tried to say with exaggeration, then added: “Someone gets my dowry… get that Millennium ginseng. Yiniang said that it was good for the body and its effect is very fast. So, hurry and bring that to my Yiniang!” 

Actually, Lin Chujiu didn’t see

any millennium ginseng to her dowry. She only saw a ginseng that is soaked with a poisonous drug.

But, Lin Chujiu doesn’t really care about that.

“No, I am already feeling well, so you don’t need to give it to me. Just use it to nourish back your body.” Lin Furen immediately refuse. After all, she knows very well that it is not good for the body.

“Yiniang are you joking? Xiao Wangfu is not lacking in ginseng. And besides, didn’t Yiniangspecifically looked for it because it’s really good? So now that your body needs it, you should use it.” Lin Chujiu didn’t give Lin Furen an opportunity to refuse, so she continue to say: “Wanting, tell Yiniang that she’s being unreasonable. Oh, I think it’s better if Doctor Mo will check her condition. Doctor Mo’s medical skill is extraordinary, he could teach her how to take that millennium ginseng properly.”

“No, no, I know Wangfei

Wangfei is truly kind, but it was only a minor illness, so we don’t need to bother someone like Divine Doctor Mo.” Lin Furen almost knocked her teeth and almost cough up blood.

In fact, they were planning to forced Lin Chujiu to call Divine Doctor Mo, so that she will be embarrassed.

Who is Divine Doctor Mo anyway? He is one of the four Divine Doctor in this world. That’s why even the people from the Central Empire is looking for him to cure them.

Divine Doctor Mo will give Prince Xiao a face, but not someone like Lin Chujiu. So, if Lin Chujiu will try to call him, she will definitely lose her face.

On the contrary, if Lin Chujiu will be refused, then it only means that she’s still an unfilial daughter. There’s nothing new about that. However, they haven’t started their plan yet, but Lin Chujiu already

Chujiu already blocked their plan and they cannot think another plan.

3rd Aunt knew Lin Furen‘s plan, so seeing her being cornered, she couldn’t help but cover her mouth because she cannot stop herself from grinning. 3rd Aunt secretly thought inside her heart: It seems this niece of mine is not really stupid!

Seeing her biological mother suffer, Lin Wanting’s face suddenly turn blue then white. Why? Because things are not the same like before. Before, with Lin Chujiu’s bad temper, she always end up embarrassing herself.

In the past, she and Lin Chujiu are both parts of younger generation. But now, she’s still part of it but Lin Chujiu is now part of Xiao Wangfu. Lin Chujiu can even be on par with her mother and 3rd Aunt’s words.

Is this the benefit of marriage?

Lin Wanting’s cheeks turn rosy and her eyes become very passionate. In the end, she doesn’t know what exactly know what exactly to think about… …

Inside the study room, when Xiao Tianyao heard Lin Xiang’s words, he couldn’t help but sneer loudly: “Lin Xiang, are you saying that you will take benwang’s Wangfei back to your house to recuperate?”

Does this old man want to play with me?

Then, let’s see if you have the ability! 

“Yes, Chujiu is the eldest daughter that I tried to spoiled for almost eighteen years. But after marriage, she seriously get ill. Even Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan cannot cure her. Because of that, I don’t think she really can recuperate properly in Xiao Wangfu. SoWangye, please let me take back my daughter to recuperate.“Lin Xiang’s face looks very kind, as if he’s really a good father to his daughter, but… …

Lin Chujiu was fed by a slow-acting poison for almost ten years. So with that, is Lin Xiang really a good father?

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