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Lin Chujiu know that Xiao Tianyao doesn’t have much time left to treat his legs and she also know that Xiao Tianyao is not good to women. So, she really doesn’t mind him marrying a concubine. Not to mention, Xiao Tianyao was only forced to take that woman as his concubine for his legs treatment.

Besides, if Xiao Tianyao really wants to experience how noble “true love” is. She cannot help him with that matter, nor her heart could. Because she would rather think of ways on how to make the Chinese medicine taste better than to experience such things.

Other people could get used easily with the bitter taste of Chinese medicine, once they had to drink it for several times, but not Lin Chujiu. No matter how many times she drinks, the taste is still same for her so she still felt very uncomfortable.

Don’t get her wrong, Lin Chujiu is not a spoiled person. But, it won’t hurt to try solving the bitter taste of it, right?

However, rumors about Lin Chujiu trying to solve the bitter taste of Chinese medicine started spreading inside the whole Wangfu. And even Xiao Tianyao got disturbed from it. So, he asked an old maidservant to make a bottle of pickled plum and sent it to her to suppress the bitter taste.

“Xiao Tianyao sent this? What is the meaning of this?” After receiving the pickled plum that Xiao Tianyao specially sent, Lin Chujiu doesn’t know whether she would feel happy or uneasy. But of course, she cannot say such things to others and can only bury such thought inside her heart and ponder alone.

Not to mention, Lin Chujiu found out that the pickled plum that Xiao Tianyao had sent works really well. After adding them to the bowl of medicine, she can finally drink it without any uncomfortable or urge to vomit.

Seeing Xiao Tianyao’s concern, Zhenzhu and Feicui who doesn’t know what is Lin Chujiu’s actual thoughts couldn’t help but feel happy and almost try to make fun of it: See, Wangye is really concern about Wangfei. He knows how much she suffers from drinking… … 

Lin Chujiu try to smile from time to time and pretend to be shy while drinking her medicine. But, she cannot really take it to heart because she never falls in love and never got interested in the opposite sex. Just like how she doesn’t know how far the Southeast from the Northwest.

Besides, Lin Chujiu know herself very well. She knows that she doesn’t have the beauty that can overturn a country and a peerless talent that would make a man willing to die just to have her heart. So, why would someone like Xiao Tianyao fall in love with her? Do you think this is some kind of tv show?

Xiao Tianyao looking for plum fruit spread in the capital without their knowledge. Once the people heard that no matter what the price is, Prince Xiao is willing to buy plum fruits because Princess Xiao feels very uncomfortable. So, the people started sending plums to Xiao Wangfu. However, instead of selling the plums, they sent it as a gift. While the other people that live closer even tried to visit personally.

Lin Chujiu might have a noble identity, but she couldn’t refuse to meet few people that had come to visit her. Unless she is an old lady of the palace or the Empress. But still, only a few noble people are allowed to meet with her. However… …

If she couldn’t refuse, what more with Housekeeper Cao’s identity. So, when three or more government official’s wife had visited Lin Chujiu regardless what purpose they might have. Housekeeper Cao could only announce their arrival and introduced them.

After recuperating in bed for three days, Lin Chujiu sat in the hall of her courtyard to received all the guest that have come to visit her. However, no one from the Lin Family had even come, as if she didn’t exist in that family in the first place.

After a few more days, there were still some noble ladies that had visited her even for only an hour. So, Lin Chujiu felt quite tired from it. But with such event, Lin Chujiu realized that in this capital, there were actually so many noble ladies that is more qualified to be Princess Xiao than her. So, it’s not really easy to become Xiao Wangfu’s Wangfei.

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