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Chapter 64.2
Chapter 64: Rumors and the emperor’s anger (Part 2)

Detecting disease is inevitably hard to other people, so Lin Chujiu tried hard to give people the impression that she is a charming frail young lady.

Even though Lin Chujiu doesn’t know what Xiao Tianyao’s purpose in doing this, she always remembers her position as “Princess Xiao”. Prince Xiao is not a filial younger brother to the Emperor and he doesn’t care about the Emperor’s face. So naturally, Lin Chujiu won’t missed this chance to disgrace the Emperor’s image.  

Lin Chujiu just got back from the palace before she fell ill. So, Lin Chujiu only said a few words to hint that she felt wrong when she visited the palace and made it sounds like she fell ill because of that. 

“Yes, when I came back from the palace, I fell sick.”

“The Empress is really kind to me, so I guess she has nothing to do with it,


“The doctor said that it’s nothing serious. So I just need to rest for a few more days.”

“It’s not a disease, but I need to put much attention.”

“Although it’s not serious, I can feel my body is in a lot of pain.”

Lin Chujiu only said those words, but because the people’s imaginations are immeasurable. They tried giving birth to different kind of ideas. And so, in just a few days, rumors started spreading that Lin Chujiu was poisoned inside the palace. 

The more the rumors spread, the more it gets dramatic. Some people even said that because Prince Xiao doesn’t want his wife to be robbed by someone else, he’s even willing to poison Lin Chujiu. So, other people started wondering who exactly the person that had poisoned her.

With the sudden escalation of the event, Xiao Tianyao himself doesn’t know what to do. And it’s not like he’s keeping Lin Chujiu right under his bed

bed for her not to notice anything. And so… …

“I feel like there’s some conspiracy going on.” Lin Chujiu said while lying in the bathtub and enjoying Zhenzhu and Feicui’s service.

“Wangfei your just over thinking. Wangye only wants to show how much he cares for you.” Feicui smiled and said. Hearing that Xiao Tianyao value Lin Chujiu so much, a few maidservants couldn’t help but smile too.

“I hope so.” Realizing her own mistake, Lin Chujiu no longer say anything and just let Feicui give her a massage.

However, inside the Imperial study room, the Emperor had slammed the table in anger because he had the same idea as Lin Chujiu: “Xiao Tianyao, what exactly do you want to do ah? Are you a fool to think that you could ruin my reputation by spreading such rumors?”

“Huangshang (Emperor), please try to calm down… …” The Emperor’s personal eunuch immediately knelt down and said while creeping

while creeping down his trembling body.

Any things that are related to Prince Xiao can easily make the Emperor angry.

“Calm down?”The Emperor said without any emotion. But each word sounds domineering, so the atmosphere inside the room turn particularly heavy.  So, The Emperor’s personal eunuch’s body trembles even more and no longer tried to finish his words.

“Come,” The Emperor swallowed his anger and said: “Bring this edict and order Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan to go to Xiao Wangfu immediately and check Princess Xiao’s condition.”

“Yes, this slave will immediately comply.” When the Emperor’s personal eunuch saw that the Emperor finally calm down, he immediately stood up and cupped his hands to bow, then try to say with full of flattery: “Huangshang is truly wise! With Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan’s extraordinary medical skills, no matter what Princess Xiao’s disease is, he could identify it.”

“Hmph,” The Emperor snorted: “It would be better if he could really identify that Princess Xiao is Princess Xiao is poisoned, or else… … I will never let go of him!”

After hearing the Emperor’s words, the eunuch only accompanies the Emperor to laugh. But, didn’t dare to say his thoughts.

Huangshang is underestimating Prince Xiao too much. Prince Xiao is a very ruthless person, he wouldn’t start something that can easily be solved. So, how can Huangshang just pity Princess Xiao and ask Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan to check her condition? This time, Huangshang should not only take advantage of this situation but also reveal Prince Xiao’s hidden intention.

After getting out from the imperial study room, the eunuch just sighs and then went to Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan immediately to give the Emperor’s order. After hearing the Emperor’s order, Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan went immediately to Xiao Wangfu even in the middle of the night. After all, he doesn’t need to consider whether the Xiao Wangfu is ready for this or not… … 

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