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Chapter 632: Discovery, hiding place (Part 2)

Xiao Tianyao has never considered her, nor has he ever thought that she was a woman. No matter how strong she was, she will be afraid!

A cloud of mist appeared in her eyes, Lin Chujiu looked up at the sky, blinked vigorously, and blinked back the tears in her eyes.

Looking at the dark and boundless sky, the grievance and dissatisfaction in Lin Chujiu’s eyes gradually subsided. After a while, Lin Chujiu walked back to the camp like a casual person.

There was no one beside her, no one to coax her, who would she show her sadness and tears?

As soon as she walked in, the Jinwuwei soldier, who was guarding outside the camp, stepped forward and said: “Wangfei, Mo Qingfeng asked to see you. He also asked when you would be free and can take the time to see him?”

“Let him come over tomorrow afternoon, I am not free now.” In the middle of the night, who has the leisure to talk business with Mo Qingfeng?

“Wangfei, Young Master Mo said that things are very important. It is related to the survival of the whole army. Please see him when you have time.” Everyone can see that Lin Chujiu was very dissatisfied with Mo Qingfeng. The Jinwuwei soldier doesn’t really want to do anything for Mo Qingfeng, but he was afraid of delaying business, so he had to bite the bullet and speak.

“It’s about the survival of the whole army? Then let him come over now.” In the end, she was timid. Lin Chujiu stepped back in silence.

It was about her and the whole army’s safety, Lin Chujiu really didn’t have the guts to say no.

It can be estimated that Mo Qingfeng was really anxious. Because just when Lin Chujiu walked into the camp and put down her medicine box, Mo Qingfeng came over.

“Greetings to wangfei.” As soon as Mo Qingfeng came in, he knelt down on one knee and gave Lin Chujiu a big greeting.

He was pleading guilty for yesterday’s mistrust and for allowing Lin Chujiu to face the danger alone.

Lin Chujiu sat down on the main seat but didn’t look at Mo Qingfeng, nor let him stand. She simply said: “What is the urgent matter that Mo Gongzi has to see me now?”

Xiao Tianyao said nicely that he will leave all military affairs to her and she will be fully in charge. But how would she handle military affairs as a woman?

In fact, Mo Qingfeng was completely in charge of military affairs. Her existence was just to come out to stabilize the people when encountering danger and trouble. And also, sacrifice herself for the whole army when necessary.

Lin Chujiu didn’t let him get up, Mo Qingfeng naturally didn’t dare to do so, he knelt there and said: “Wangfei, the spy who went to investigate the garrison of the eldest prince has come back and brought an important news.”

“What’s the news?” Lin Chujiu asked. Mo Qingfeng didn’t beat around the bush and said directly: “The spy found the footprints of the eldest prince and his party at the border between the Northern Country and the Eastern Country. At the same time, he found ore mine in a hidden place. After investigation, the ore mine is full of tian black iron ore. 90% of it had been mined, and more than 60% has been transported out.”

In other words, Xuanyuan Zhi appeared on the battlefield, not for Xiao Tianyao, but for the ore.

“Tian black iron ore?” That’s a good thing.” She had read a book about it in Xiao Tianyao’s study room before. She had learned a lot of new things there that she didn’t know before.

She didn’t know the value of black iron ore, but now she knew.

When Mo Qingfeng saw that Lin Chujiu understood what the Tian black iron ore was he didn’t bother to explain, but asked in a low voice: “Wangfei, what should we do?”

Those black iron ores were right in front of him. He would be lying if he say that he was not tempted, but if he went there to grab it? Offending Xuanyuan Zhi was a small matter. The big problem would be arousing the dissatisfaction of the Central Empire.

If they could squeeze the remaining black iron ores without letting them know, then that would be good… …

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