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Lin Chujiu was married to Prince Xiao for almost a month now but in order to avoid arousing more suspicion. She never asks about other people inside the Xiao Wangfu or any things related to it. So, when she heard Liu Bai’s name, she was so shocked and ask: “Liu Bai? Who’s that?”
She only knew Housekeeper Cao and other few servants that help her with her daily needs. But as for the people that help Xiao Tianyao with court matters, she never got concerned with them, because she doesn’t plan to intervene.

When Zhenzhu heard Lin Chujiu’s question, she earnestly looked at her and explained: “Wangfei, Wangye has two trusted confidant. The first one is Su Cha and the other one is Liu Bai. Liu Bai is not only the most trusted guard in Xiao Wangfu, but also Wangye’s friend. So, most guardsmen here follow his command.”
 “So, he wants to see me? Why?” That is the only thing that she is concerned about.

Zhenzhu nodded her head and answered: “Yes, Liu Bai had come to see Wangfei. Maybe it’s something very important.” Su Cha and Liu Bai has a very high status in Xiao Wangfu. So, aside from Xiao Tianyao no one else can command them.
And if Liu Bai had come to see Lin Chujiu, then Wangye must have ordered him to do so.

“Ok, then tell him to please wait for me in the hall. I’ll just change my clothes.”Liu BaiPlease Li Bai Gong waiting in the hall, give me a dress.” Lin Chujiu’s face turn indifferent because Liu Bai’s arrival made her feel uneasy.

On the other hand, Zhenzhu couldn’t help but secretly admire her. Inside her heart, she got more and more convinced that Lin Chujiu will never suffer from the hands of other people inside the Xiao Wangfu.
In order not to keep Liu Bai wait for a long time, Lin Chujiu just wear her usual plain white clothes and tie her hair in a single bun. However, that is not the real case, when Lin Chujiu finished fixing herself, half an hour almost passed.

So, Liu Bai got really impatient. And although he repeatedly reminded himself not to judge Lin Chujiu when he saw her, he couldn’t stop himself from hating her. Well, the first impression lasts forever.  And now that he saw Lin Chujiu looks very pale, sickly and lacking in spirit, he got even more dissatisfied with her.

There is nothing good about her, so what does Xiao Tianyao really wanted him to see?

Liu Bai tried to eat back his anger and forced himself to cupped his hand to salute: “Liu Bai had come to see to Wangfei.”

Liu Bai’s words sound very polite but don’t have any trace of respect. After all, he is not one of Xiao Wangfu’s servants and his position is quite high. So, he really doesn’t need to pay respect to her, because her position is not quite high to him.

“Liu Bai is very kind.” Lin Chujiu is not arrogant, so seeing Liu Bai’s reaction doesn’t bother her. And he’s quite decent.

After exchanging greetings, the two of them sited in opposite direction, while the maidservants offer them a tea and just retreated quietly. Liu Bai picked up the cup and took a sip, then readily speak: “Wangfei, I’m not good in words and doesn’t like to beat around the bush. So, if I will offend you somehow, please try to understand.”

All these words came out from his mouth, but he is still not good?

Lin Chujiu laughed and tried to make a posture that she’s willing to listen: “Liu Bai, you don’t have to worry, just say it.”

So, Liu Bai indeed didn’t beat around the bush and started explaining everything about Xiao Tianyao’s leg treatment and Divine Doctor Mo’s conditions. But of course, he didn’t let Lin Chujiu know, what she mustn’t know.

Lin Chujiu listen carefully and nodded her head when she completely understands Liu Bai’s meaning.

So basically, Xiao Tianyao asked her opinion about accepting another concubine. Well, she will naturally… …
 “I have no opinion, if Miss Mo enter the Xiao Wangfu, I will take care of her.” Although Lin Chujiu thinks she’s still the one who needs to be taken care of.

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