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Chapter 63.2
Chapter 63: Taking in a concubine and will be happy (Part 2)

“So, you agree?” Liu Bai got so surprised with Lin Chujiu’s answer. She’s only been married to Tianyao for a month, but she agreed for Tianyao to get another concubine? Is this woman so virtuous or she’s just pretending to be one?

Lin Chujiu took the teacup and took a sip to cover up the mocking smile to her lips: “The more sister I get, the more the Xiao Wangfu will get lively. So, I am happy about it.” Lin Chujiu didn’t only agreed, but also couldn’t wait for Xiao Tianyao to get another wife. Once that concubine arrives, he doesn’t need to focus and monitor her all day.


Don’t think that she doesn’t know that someone is monitoring her every action. As a previous spy from Z country, it’s very easy to detect if someone else is looking at her inside the room.

“Are you really serious about that?” Liu Bai really couldn’t understand Lin Chujiu. And he found

out that she’s really not as simple as he thinks.

“I will never joke about such things. So, Liu Bai, you can go to Wangye now to report.” Lin Chujiu put down the teacup and said. Obviously, she doesn’t want to talk about these things more with Liu Bai.

She doesn’t hate Liu Bai, but she also doesn’t like him. As if her instinct is telling her to avoid him and prepare herself.


“I understand.” Liu Bai also doesn’t want to stay any longer, but before leaving, he couldn’t help but stared back at Lin Chujiu a bit. However, Lin Chujiu only smile back and fearlessly look at him. At that moment, she looks very dignified and extraordinary, but… … 

The moment Liu Bai left, Lin Chujiu immediately relaxed. And no longer have the image of a very dignified Princess.


Zhenzhu and Feicui had long been accustomed to Lin Chujiu’s two-faced character although they haven’t been with her for so long. However, they failed to see Lin Chujiu’s real intentions. So, they tried

tried to persuade her out of concern: “Wangfei, you and Wangye just got married. So, if Wangye will take another concubine, the people will think that you had failed to get Wangye’s heart.” 

Are they trying to protect my image?


When Lin Chujiu looks at Zhenzhu and stared at each other for a long time. Both of their ears turn red in embarrassment. But, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but gently smile at her and said: “You’re really a good person.”

After saying those words, she stood up and said: “Help me go back to my room, I’m really tired.” Although Liu Bai only stayed for half a stick of incense, Liu Bai presence really put a pressure on her, so she had to put some spirit to respond to him.

“Wangfei … …” Zhenzhu felt a bit disappointed, she said those words for her sake but it seems Lin Chujiu didn’t even think about it.

Lin Chujiu stops walking and patted Zhenzhu’s hand: “Rest assured, Wangye only do things within his calculations. Moreover, I

Moreover, I really need to do this. I am even willing to give up my position as the first wife if they will ask me too as long as they will treat Wangye’s legs.”

When Lin Chujiu finished saying those words, she looks away and realized that her words sound really too hypocrite.

“Wangfei, Wangye will eventually learn your kindness.” Zhenzhu looks at her emotionally because she got so touched with her words.

At that moment, Lin Chujiu could only force her lips to move and stiffly smile… …

When Liu Bai finally get Lin Chujiu’s approval, he immediately went to report to Xiao Tianyao: “Tianyao, your Wangfei agreed, so you no longer have reason to object, right?”


Liu Bai helplessly looks at Xiao Tianyao because he’s afraid that Xiao Tianyao might still refuse. After all, Xiao Tianyao doesn’t much have time so he shouldn’t keep delaying it.

“What else can benwang say?” Xiao Tianyao said while tapping his fingertips to the handrails. He’s actually not surprised with Lin Chujiu’s decision, so he slightly curves his lips curves his lips to smile and to prove that he was in a good mood.

Liu Bai felt relieved and ignored the worries in his heart. He was thinking to leave early, but suddenly, he heard Xiao Tianyao’s voice: “But… …”


It was only a word, but Liu Bai felt his heart almost skipped a beat. So, he asks: “But what?”  

“But, you will bring Divine Doctor Mo here to treat benwang after ten days.” Xiao Tianyao couldn’t refuse to say. while Liu Bai got even more confused: “Why do we have to wait ten more days.”

“Because … …” Lin Chujiu still need to drink her medicine for ten days. He doesn’t feel quite sure with Divine Doctor Mo’s medical skill, so he needs another doctor to observe.

But Xiao Tianyao will not tell this reason to anyone!

“Benwang still have a lot of things to do.” Making up a reason to Liu Bai is not easy, but still, he tried.

Thankfully, Liu Bai didn’t give much thought about it and just nodded his head… …

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