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Liu Bai knows Xiao Tianyao’s temper very well and he knows how much he hated being threatened. But right now… …

They really need Divine Doctor Mo’s medical skills. If Divine Doctor Mo won’t treat Xiao Tianyao’s leg, then he won’t be saved.

“Tianyao, now is not the time to be emotional.” Liu Bai said to persuade:  “Didn’t you once told me that a man should be flexible? And that a real man should be willing to endure things that an ordinary people cannot endure just to override the crowd? So, isn’t it about time to do that?”

“So, you don’t want to marry Miss Mo?” Liu Bai understands what Xiao Tianyao had said, but not the actual meaning.

“Don’t want and will not marry.” Xiao Tianyao just simply said. Then, he said that he only married Lin Chujiu because he can’t refuse the emperor. But now that he can still refuse, he will never marry another woman that he disdain.

“What is wrong with Miss Mo anyway? Although she cannot help you with court matters, you can rely on Divine Doctor Mo’s reputation. You will get more power at least.” Liu Bai is another person that doesn’t understand his own self, inside his heart, he felt happy that Xiao Tianyao doesn’t want to marry Miss Mo, but he also felt uncomfortable inside his mind.

Miss Mo might not be a good person, but shes still better than Lin Chujiu.

“Tianyao … …” Liu Bai got stunned, he thought that he had complete hide his emotion, but Xiao Tianyao could still see right through him clearly.

“You’re too obvious. Benwang believes that he is not the only one who could see it, but also Miss Mo.” Xiao Tianyao said and added a lie. Liu Bai’s face turn white and staggered a few steps back: “Is it really that obvious?”

“Yes …” Xiao Tianyao answered: “So, benwang couldn’t marry Miss Mo.”

“Because of me?” Liu Bai gasped for breath and then his breathing got steady.

“No, because benwang hates scheming women, especially if it is related to benwang.” His woman can try to be smart, but not in front of him.

Liu Bai immediately tried to open his mouth and said: “Miss Mo is not the only scheming woman, but also Lin Chujiu.” If she is not, then how can the table suddenly turn different.

“Miss Mo has nothing to do with ben wang. And as for Lin Chujiu? Benwang dislikes her.” Xiao Tianyao said with full of seriousness, but Liu Bai couldn’t simply believe: “Really?”

“Of course,” Xiao Tianyao answered while slightly gripping hard the handrails. Obviously, he doesn’t want to talk such kind of topic. So, he tried to ask something else: “Have you finish posting the reward for Zhou Si’s head to the guild?”

Liu Bai doesn’t plan to keep pestering Xiao Tianyao, so he nodded his head to answer his question and added: “Su Cha had posted it, the bounty is almost one hundred thousand silvers so many assassins got interested.”

“Very good,” Xiao Tianyao nodded his head in satisfied nodded, but still said: “Go and find Jing Chi, tell him benwang will give him two hundred thousand silvers if he will kill Zhou Si within a week.”

“Jing Chi?” Jing Chi is the first ranker assassin in this world. He never missed a task ever since he made a name for himself. And with his one flying knife skill, he never misses even a single hair.

Xiao Tianyao wants to solve this issue within a week.

“Aren’t you worried that Zhou Si might suddenly jump on your wall for being cornered?” Liu Bai asked because he is really worried about him.

“What do you take benwang for? Anyone who dares to take benwang’s life will not end well.” Xiao Tianyao calmly said. He didn’t show any emotion so Liu Bai simply got shocked.

So, when Liu Bai suddenly remembered the proud and high almighty looks of Miss Mo. He finally understood why she doesn’t exist in Xiao Tianyao’s eyes.  And if she is really a scheming girl, he should really be cautious. After all, she and her father are willing to kill Lin Chujiu just to get married to Xiao Tianyao.

Liu Bai felt broken, his heart is really in pain. As if his heart is like a sugar that is slowly melting.

After reporting one by one all his investigation to Xiao Tianyao. Liu Bai went to Divine Doctor Mo and Miss to tell them what is Xiao Tianyao’s decision, despite heart aches.

Divine Doctor Mo already has a long white silver hair and half a feet long beard, but his eyes were still full of energy. It doesn’t correspond with his old age and it seems like he is an immortal god that is hiding in this world.

After listening to Liu Bai’s series of words, Divine Doctor Mo didn’t get angry and just said while touching his beard: “Prince Xiao is really a righteous man, so this old man couldn’t help but admire.”

“Wangye is ruthless against his enemies, but that is for his own good.” Liu Bai doesn’t understand the meaning of his words, so he just followed and tried to say a few good things about Xiao Tianyao. After all, they are really in need of his medical skills to heal Xiao Tianyao’s legs.

“Yes.” The woman dressed in white has an exquisite beauty, but her face turns so cold like an ice when she heard that Xiao Tianyao had refused to marry her. But, she’s trying hard not to show any trace of emotion.

Liu Bai knew that it is really impossible for him and Miss Mo to be together, but he cannot control his heart. Just like how he couldn’t stop his eyes from following Miss Mo’s figure. So when he saw the coldness in her face, his heart faintly shaken.

Is Miss Mo really willing to do anything just to marry Tianyao?

Does she really like to marry Tianyao because she loves him?

But soon enough, Liu Bai heard an answer to his questions.

Divine Doctor Mo slightly nodded his head and said with frail voice: “My daughter was born in a deserted land, so she doesn’t understand worldly affairs. So, I really want to entrust her to a reliable person.”

He heard Prince Xiao is a righteous man so Divine Doctor Mo started admiring him for that. So, he invited Liu Bai to tell his wicked words to Prince Xiao. But those wicked words of him earlier is nothing but a test, he really doesn’t want to kill Lin Chujiu, he’s just afraid that Prince Xiao will suddenly pushed away his daughter to someone for glory. And now that he’s sure that Prince Xiao is not a villain, his heart felt at ease.

His daughter was born in a deserted land, so she doesn’t know much how to communicate with others. Originally, the position of princess would be hard for her, but still: “Today, this old man would dare to ask you to please convince Wangye to keep my daughter as his imperial concubine even if it’s only by name. I really have no other intentions, I just want my daughter to be safe.”

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