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After returning to her own courtyard, Lin Chujiu seems like a different person. Because even simply taking a breath made her very cheerful. She doesn’t look depress just like when she’s at the main house (XTY’s courtyard).

Seeing Lin Chujiu act like this, Shanhu and Feicui couldn’t help but laugh aloud. Even though they feel sad because their masters missed the opportunity to cultivate their feelings. But, as long as she can recuperate at ease that would be the enough. After all, they could just get another opportunity to make the little prince, right?

Although her body is still weak, Lin Chujiu couldn’t bear the smell on her body so she insisted on taking a bath.

Shanhu and Feicui had long been accustomed to her strong and stubborn personality. They know that even if they tried to persuade her, it will only be useless. So, they just obediently prepare her a hot water and clean clothes.

After taking a bath, Lin Chujiu felt refreshing and even felt her forehead no longer aching. Then, she sat near her dresser to dry hair long hair.

“Wangfei, you shouldn’t do this,” Zhenzhu said in disapproval while holding a towel. However, she felt scared that she might not accept her words so she added: “Wangye order us, slaves, to take care of you for the rest of your life.”

“Wangye order you to take care of me until I die. Rest assured, I won’t die early.” Lin Chujiu said while smiling but her eyes look indifferent.

Last night, she heard Doctor Wu and Xiao Tianyao’s conversations. But, she didn’t get sad or hurt by Xiao Tianyao’s words because she already expected it.
If that man got concern with her life, that would be more surprising.

“Wangfei … …” Zhenzhu doesn’t know what to say.

Their Wangye is not only ruthless in name and their Wangfei is not a fool. He had treated her badly ever since they got married. So to say that their Wangye’s personality suddenly change and he really care for her would be really unbelievable.

“Wangfei, Doctor Wu said that once your wound got wet, we need to change the dressing immediately,” Feicui said while placing the medical kit on Lin Chujiu’s side.

“Oh, will you?” Lin Chujiu said while lazily lying on the bed.

“Mmm. Last night, Doctor Wu taught this slave how.” Feicui went to her side and kneel.

“Ok, you can change it.” Lin Chujiu move her face to the side so that she could easily change it.

Her forehead doesn’t hurt anymore. But still, she couldn’t change the dressing on her own… …

If someone is willing to help her, then why would she refuse?

When Feicui finally removed the dressing, the hole on her face that have the same size of a nail got revealed. Her wound is not big but deep. So, Feicui couldn’t help but sigh: “Wangfei, Doctor Wu said your wound is deep so this slave fear that you would get a scar in the future.”
“I don’t really care.” Lin Chujiu loves her beautiful face, but she’s not a demanding person.  And a small scar won’t cause inconvenience in her life.

“But … …” Feicui wants to say anything, but was interrupted by Lin Chujiu: “The medicine.” Scars are unavoidable and Lin Chujiu knows very well how deep is her wound even if she haven’t seen it.

“Yes,” Feicui could only just sigh and swallow her words.

The medicine that Doctor Wu had used to stop her bleeding is really effective. And Lin Chujiu actually feel excellent, so she didn’t felt doubtful to its ingredients.

The sooner she gets used to the medical stuff in this world, the more she will be independent of the medical system, which is actually a good thing.

After letting her wound be treated, Lin Chujiu said she wanted to take a nap so she sent out her maidservants.

She lies on her bed, then put down the side curtain to block the line of sight of any spy before activating the medical system to check her own condition. After checking, Lin Chujiu got more convinced that she got weak because of fatigue so she finally could relax.

Then, she took out her medicine and swallow it. Lin Chujiu felt tired so she simply closes her eyes to sleep. But, what she doesn’t know is that the man dressed in black only left her courtyard when she finally fell asleep. Then, quietly went to the main house. * “Wangye,” The black man kneel in front of Xiao Tianyao. Judging by his actions, it seems he was ordered by him to follow and watch Lin Chujiu. So, the black man reported one by one what Lin Chujiu had done.
“So, she didn’t do anything unusual.” Xiao Tianyao said while tapping the table, then coldly added: “Continue monitoring!”

There’s nothing unusual about her actions, so why he still need to go back? Or is it he’s just stupid that’s why he didn’t notice it?

“Yes, Wangye.” The black man felt bitter, but he doesn’t dare to oppose him so he just quietly retired.

The black man hasn’t gone for too long when Liu Bai came to see Xiao Tianyao. He wanted to report back that Divine Doctor Mo didn’t agree with his plan to treat him in the Xiao Wangfu because he doesn’t want to get involved in their royal dispute.

“What condition?” Xiao Tianyao was not surprised.

Even if he is already famous around the world, he still needs money to eat and sleep. So, if he has no strong backing and gold. How will he maintain his dignity?

Although he had some affection with Miss Mo, he already had sensed something about her. So now… …

That he learn that she is an ambitious and striving for glory. He already changes his mind.

“Marry his daughter as my official royal concubine?” Xiao Tianyao ask lightly, but couldn’t hide his ridiculed tone: “Doesn’t Divine Doctor Mo know that benwang has already married?”

“Divine Doctor Mo said that as long as your willing to marry his daughter, he is willing to wait until half a year.” Meaning: As long as Xiao Tianyao promised to marry his daughter after half a year, he would kill Lin Chujiu in utmost secrecy so that the people wouldn’t notice.

With Divine Doctor Mo’s hint, Xiao Tianyao suddenly remembered Lin Chujiu’s words: If a doctor has suddenly decided to kill you, it would be hard to detect.

“Is he threatening benwang?” Xiao Tianyao got angry, but Liu Bai quietly explained: “Divine Doctor Mo said that if you don’t want too, then you don’t have to agree. But he will treat you as per planned and with his utmost skill. But after that, he will never treat a villain again.”

“What? Then, does he think benwang as some capricious villain?” Xiao Tianyao admitted that Divine Doctor Mo is a wise man because even his threat is beautifully planned, so he doesn’t think of it as too offensive. But… …

For Xiao Tianyao, even if his plan was beautifully made it was only useless. He doesn’t like it when a subject is trying to manipulate him. So even if Divine Doctor Mo treated him. He knows the result will only be useless.

“Tianyao,  your being treated like an egg shell.” Liu Bai looked up and helplessly looked at Xiao Tianyao.

He and Xiao Tianyao were actually friends. Although Xiao Tianyao always shouts at him because of work, their friendship is quite good in private. So calling him by his name is not an issue.

“Benwang hates it when being threatened.” And recently, he was threatened by three people.

The Emperor, Lin Chujiu, and now it’s Divine Doctor Mo. But, he doesn’t need the first two people to treat him. However, just because he has some divine knowledge in medicine, Divine Doctor Mo had threatened him?
That is ridiculous!

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