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Chapter 6
Chapter 6: This is bullying


When Lin Chujiu suddenly wakes up and heard that she will get married, she felt unhappy. And now, these two are telling her that she will marry her former’s fiance’s Uncle who is also a crippled and paralyzed man in bed. At this moment, Lin Chujiu really wanted to close her eyes and just went back to the M country’s NBI officers… …

The original owner’s family is too messy, right?

Lin Wanting seems got addicted to her acting and still continued.

But this time, Lin Wanting have noticed that Lin Chujiu didn’t give a response to her for a long time and also felt the pain in her knees so she simply stood up and went close to her. She slightly pulled her clothes and timidly said: “Elder Sister, are you alright? Don’t you want to talk about it with me?”

Lin Wanting’s lips said a few more kind words, but her vicious eyes betrayed her: ” Lin Chujiu, you’d better behave yourself. Everyone knows that no one can escape

alive in the Fourth Prince ‘s door if he felt dissatisfied… …”

Lin Chujiu had enough with this woman’s acting. She looked at her and pulled her sleeves to make her feel sick, but Lin Wanting want to withdraw her sleeves immediately due to disgust and said: “Don’t touch me!”

If she can, she would like to yell more loudly to Lin Chujiu, but this time she has a reason to remain in low key.

But … … She impatiently pulled out her sleeves. how much effort does she need?

Lin Wanting spin herself and gorgeously fall on the ground. She didn’t forget to make a painful scream: “Oh, it really hurts.”

“Wanting … …” When Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui saw Lin  Wanting fall heavily on the ground, he quickly stepped forward to help her and then check her body to see if she has no injury: “Wanting are you hurt? Where do you feel the pain?”

Lin Wanting nestled in the Crown Prince’s arms, she softly shook her head and tears started to fall in her

her eyes: “Your Royal Crown Prince, I, I’m fine, I’m not hurt … …” She said so, but she made a painful expression on her face while looking at the Crown Prince’s eyes.

At that moment, the Crown Prince got angry and his face becomes scary. He turned himself and yell at Lin Chujiu: “Lin Chujiu, how dare you to bully Lin Wanting in front of this Royal Crown Prince. Are you tired of living?”

Lin Chujiu was originally planning to ignore them. But now that she find out that she was decreed to marry a  paralyzed man in bed and this half sister of her endlessly played at her, her mind immediately burst with fire!

“Your Royal Crown Prince, did you see with your own eyes that I bullied her? Obviously, she turned herself on her own and fall on the ground. So, is that my fault?”

This Crown Prince is amazingly stupid, right? He’s not yet an emperor but he’s already this arrogant!

“You’re just making up an excuse!”

Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui saw the disrespect look

disrespect look in Lin Chujiu. His face immediately turns red in anger and look at Lin Chujiu as if he wants to kill her.

Lin Chujiu didn’t bother to put him in her eyes.

She will get married after three days, right? So, she believed that no one will dare to touch her until the wedding day.

Lin Chujiu felt like she was dying, she can’t believe that there will be a parent that is willing to let their own daughter marry a paralyzed man in bed. Even if that person is a prince, how could they still do it?

Lin Chujiu looked at Lin Wanting. She sneered as soon as she came close to her, she forced her injured cheek to say a few words with the Crown Prince: “Your Royal Crown Prince, I’ll let you know what bullying is.”


A loud slapping sound entered their ears.

Lin Chujiu’s words made Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui and Lin Wanting unprepared. So her hand easily dumped a slap in Lin Wanting’s face.

This slap made Lin Chujiu felt exhausted because she exhausted because she tried her best to put her last strength. Although, her hand felt numb, but she’s happy … …


“Ah … …” Lin Wanting was positively unprepared. She clutches her face and said: “You, you hit me?”

Lin Wanting couldn’t believe it. Although her mother lawlessly spoiled Lin Chujiu, but she never hit her.

“Lin Chujiu, you actually dared to play in front of this Crown Prince?” Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui also got angry, he didn’t expect that Lin Chujiu have such a big courage … …

“Your Royal Crown Prince is wrong again. I’m not playing with Lin Wanting, I’m just letting you know what bullying is, so his Royal Crown Prince is slandering me.” Lin Chujiu secretly shook off the numbness in her hand and touches her cheek… …

No way, her face are in pain again.

However, the slap she gave her half-sister made her heart content.

Her slag daddy slaps her in the face, so she slaps Lin Wanting for compensation or does they really think that she can’t bully them… …

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