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Chapter 581: Leave, people (Part 2)

“Forget it, it just a small matter.” Lin Chujiu waved her hand generously. She looked as if she was too lazy to care about him. Then said: “It’s not too late, you arrange people to drive two carriages for me.”

“I’m going to make arrangements.” Su Cha was refreshed this time. He stood up and walked outside. But when he walked to the door, he was stopped by Lin Chujiu: “Don’t tell wangye about it, I want to give him a surprise.” If Xiao Tianyao learns about it, he might notice something. She didn’t want to take a risk for the time being.

Su Cha only regarded this as the little sweet love between Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao, so he responded without thinking: “Wangfei, don’t worry, I know what to do.”

Su Cha’s efficiency was very fast. In less than half an hour, he has prepared manpower and carriages, and added three days’ worth of dry food: “Wangfei, these are all soldiers in the military, and a few from the Mo family in the Northern Territory. Everyone has high martial art skills. I deliberately didn’t include wangye’s soldiers and the Jinwuwei Army. So wangye wouldn’t know.”

Su Cha said with full of confidence. However, after Lin Chujiu left less than half a day, Xiao Tianyao learned about it.

“You arranged for her to leave?” Xiao Tianyao raised his eyes and looked at Su Cha. There were no emotional ups and downs in his calm and deep eyes, but… Su Cha was so scared that his legs soften: “Wang, wangye, is there a problem?” Wangfei wanted to surprise you, why do you need to be so scary?

“Without benwang’s permission, you let people leave the military camp privately. Are you sure there is no problem?” Xiao Tianyao tapped his finger on the table while asking questions, but his tone of questioning showed how he feels at the moment.

He was very angry!

Su Cha didn’t know what Xiao Tianyao was angry about, he could only bite the bullet and explained, “Wangye, wangfei, didn’t go out of the military camp privately. She has something important to do.”

“Are you sure that she has something important to do instead of planning to leave?” Xiao Tianyao was certain that he had seen the intention of fleeing in Lin Chujiu’s eyes before. Although it was just a splitting moment.

As soon as Su Cha heard it, he propped his chest and said: “I can guarantee that wangfei is definitely not that kind of person.” Su Cha absolutely believed in Lin Chujiu’s revolutionary friendship along the way. Besides, if Lin Chujiu really intends to leave, there were many opportunities along the way. Why wait until now?

“What is she going to do?” Xiao Tianyao didn’t believe in Su Cha’s guarantee at all. Can Su Cha guarantee Lin Chujiu?

What a joke!

Su Cha hesitated, “Wangye, can I not tell you? Wangfei said she wants to surprise you.”

“Surprise? Are you sure it’s a surprise, not a shock?” Xiao Tianyao’s tapping on the tabletop was interrupted. Su Cha’s heart also skipped a bit. For a moment, he felt like he had become Liu Bai. He couldn’t understand what Xiao Tianyao meant.

Su Cha bit his scalp and said, “Master, I can guarantee it will be a surprise.”

“Oh? You can guarantee… … what’s the surprise?” Xiao Tianyao asked differently. Su Cha was almost fooled and opened his mouth to say. Fortunately, when he was about to say it, he reacted and stopped in time. He annoyingly said: “Wangye, do really want me to say it? Wangfei asked me not to tell you in advance, saying that she wanted to give you a surprise. If I say it now, wouldn’t it ruin wangfei’s intention?”

Caught between the couple, Su Cha suddenly felt so stressed and felt that he was not doing anything right. He was working hard, but he felt like he was not being treated like a human being.

Is this just his illusion?

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