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Published at 8th of February 2021 08:30:04 AM

Chapter 563.2: 563.2

Chapter 563: Benwang, will never fail you! (Part 2)

Although it sounds a bit weird, it was true .

He knew that Liu Bai and Mo Qingfeng were worried . He knew about Lin Chujiu’s arrival . He even heard about Lin Chujiu’s injury on his thigh . It’s just, Xiao Tianyao has no idea what happened during the operation .

It can’t be helped, at that time, he really fell unconscious under the influence of anesthesia .

After opening his eyes, Xiao Tianyao was shocked for a moment when he saw the familiar but also unfamiliar face in front of him .

The woman sleeping next to him was still beautiful, but her face was pale and looked haggard . Just by looking at it can make people feel distressed .

He raised his hand to try touching that face, but he found out that it was impossible .

“The power of the martial god’s self-detonation cannot be underestimated . ” By moving a bit, Xiao Tianyao realized that he was in a weak state at the moment .

He grew up this old, but he had never been seriously injured, except for the last time his legs were almost destroyed . If Lin Chujiu didn’t arrive, he would have to lie down for another 10 days before he could slowly heal his injury .

After perceiving the weight of damage to his internal organs, Xiao Tianyao slowly exhaled .

His internal organs were badly injured . At that time, when the Martial God of the Northern Country blew himself up, most of the damage fell on his chest . If not because of his inner strength and the Tian black iron armor, he would have died long ago .

“Sure enough, marrying you is benwang’s greatest fortune . ” Xiao Tianyao heard Lin Chujiu’s muttering to herself before . So at this moment, he couldn’t help but copy this sentence .

This woman proved to him with actions time and time again that she was worthy of trust and worthy of being loved .

“Benwang will never fail you!” After resting for a while, Xiao Tianyao raised his hand to ripped off the needle of the infusion and the tube of blood transfusion . Xiao Tianyao didn’t pay more attention to it, he stretched out his hand to hug Lin Chujiu in his arms: “Take a good night’s sleep . Benwang is now awake, no need to worry about those clowns . ”

Lin Chujiu did not respond, she was still sleeping soundly .

It can’t be helped, Lin Chujiu was really tired . Even Su Cha and the shadow guard who came with her were still sleeping in the camp at this time . So to say, she has a hard life . She still stayed up late for surgery .

It can be said that Lin Chujiu’s physical strength has reached its limit . The 20 minutes of rest she set on herself was not enough . So when the medical system reminded her that the time was up, Lin Chujiu didn’t want to open her eyes at all . For a moment, she even thought of giving up the idea of ​​getting up and continue sleeping… …

She was so tired and sleepy .

However, the sense of responsibility in her heart, as well as the worry about Xiao Tianyao overcame her sleepiness . So even though her head was about to explode in pain, Lin Chujiu still tried to open her eyes, but… …

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When she opened his eyes, Lin Chujiu was dumbfounded .

“Wang, wangye?” Why was she sleeping in Xiao Tianyao’s arms?

“Ah… the wound . ” Lin Chujiu was like a frightened little rabbit, she suddenly moved to distance herself to Xiao Tianyao . But her movement startled Xiao Tianyao .

“Don’t move . ” Xiao Tianyao didn’t open his eyes . He only increased his strength to his arm that was hugging Lin Chujiu .

“Wangye, you, you, you woke up?” Lin Chujiu was shocked . As if she had been struck by lightning, her mind completely went blank . Her eyes stared in a daze .

“How is this possible? I must be dreaming . Or the way I opened my eyes is not right . How could Xiao Tianyao wake up so soon?”

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Lin Chujiu closed her eyes and told herself that she must have been hallucinating… …

But it was a fact that Lin Chujiu cannot escape!

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