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Chapter 554.2

“The Jinwuwei Army have extraordinary strength . However, their number is less than 200,000 . If the Northern Army and Eastern Army combine, I don’t know if we can win . ” At this moment, Mo Qingfeng also had to plan for the worst . Liu Bai nodded his head and said to Mo Qingfeng: “I’m afraid there will be change tonight . You stay here to protect wangye . I’ll make arrangements for tomorrow’s affairs . ” Since they are going to fight, they must be prepared for it . They can’t lose easily, right? Mo Qingfeng wanted to say yes, but a shadow guard suddenly appeared . The shadow guard clasped his fists . and said: “Young Master Liu Bai, wangfei is here . ” “What?” Liu Bai was shocked . “Wangfei and Young Master Su Cha are here . They are outside . Please arrange someone to pick them up . ” The shadow guard repeated his words . He spoke plain and straightforward, without any fluctuation, but both Liu Bai and Mo Qingfeng were shocked . “Are you sure wangfei is here?” How could it be so fast? Did he hear it wrong? “This lowly subordinate is sure . Please make arrangements as soon as possible . ” Although Liu Bai was the master of Xiao Wangfu’s shadow guards . They follow Xiao Tianyao’s orders, so they were polite to him but not too respectful . “Wangfei is really here . That’s great . ” Liu Bai was very happy: “Mo Qingfeng, take care of wangye . I will pick up wangfei . ” Liu Bai walked out with joy . As long as anyone with eyes sees him, they will see the joy on his face . Although the Eastern Army couldn’t get close to Xiao Tianyao’s camp within 100 meters, many people were patrolling . Or more likely, monitoring the scene . So as soon as Liu Bai came out, they notice the change in his mood . He smiled beautifully like a flower, which made everyone stunned . What’s wrong with Liu Bai? Could it be that Xiao Wangye had planned to kill them and the Northern Army tomorrow? That’s very weird . So what made Liu Bai very happy? A group of people was dumbfounded by Liu Bai’s smile . They couldn’t help but quickly reported it to their boss . Their boss was also at a loss when he heard the report . “Why is Liu Bai happy?” When Liu Bai was happy, they became uneasy . None of them knew what Liu Bai was happy about . What was going on with Xiao Wangye? Regardless of what others thought, Liu Bai walked out of the camp with joy . Half an hour later, he brought six people back . They were said to be soldiers of Xiao Wangfu . Each one has a complete identity certificate . The six people didn’t bring anything with them . Everyone was wearing a guard uniform and looked heroic . Even the shortest young man had a solemn expression . Xiao Wangye’s personal guards were also a fourth-rank guard . It can be said that they were also considered a small official in the army . The person in charge of the inspection didn’t dare to embarrass them . Not to mention, Liu Bai himself introduces the six people . The Eastern Army General wanted to embarrass the six people in, but Liu Bai and Mo Qingfeng, two non-military people, could stay in the barracks because of Xiao Tianyao . What reason does he have to refuse these people? Xiao Wangfu’s soldiers will enter the camp? “It’s just six soldiers, they can’t overturn the situation . Let them come in . ” In the end, the Eastern Army General agreed to let the six people in . With Liu Bai’s endorsement, they were not worried that these people were spies or something . “Tomorrow will be a decisive day . Six soldiers can’t reverse the situation, just let someone stare at them . ” When the six soldiers were thrown within a hundred thousand soldiers . They were really not eye-catching . So the Eastern Army General didn’t put these men in his eyes at all . He generously let Liu Bai take the people in and let them go smoothly . Liu Bai thought that the Eastern Army General had changed in character . But no matter what they think, things will go well, right?

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