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Published at 13th of January 2021 11:40:40 AM

Chapter 553.2

When the Empress heard this, she smiled: “Why don’t Little Seven believe it?”

“I always feel wrong . Su Cha is not a person who has not gone through the storms . At the time he opened a bank, he was dull and silent . But now, when he discovered a silvermine, he loses his temper and forgot to be calm, revealing such a big flaw?” Su Cha’s was like leading them to look for the silver mines . Is that really how it is?

“My Little Seven has grown up and become sensible . ” The Empress touched the seventh prince’s head and smiled softly: “Little Seven, maybe you guessed it right . Your Imperial Uncle Xiao might be in trouble on the battlefield . “That’s why Su Cha would build a silver mine to divert the emperor’s attention .

The Seventh Prince was not happy when he received the compliment . He asked suspiciously: “Imperial mother, Su Cha’s intention is so obvious, why didn’t imperial father think of it? Are we wrong?”

“I think you are right . It’s not useful for us to guess here . After a period of time, you will know if you are right or wrong . As for your father? He is playing a different game from us . ” The silver mines were only attractive to the emperor? What about them?

It was not that it’s unattractive, but no matter how attractive it was, they cannot afford to take these silver mines .

The Seventh Prince nodded his head, but eyes like black grapes were stained with mist… …

After Su Cha threw out the big bait of the silver mine, the emperor no longer cares about Lin Chujiu . Lin Chujiu and Su Cha had a smooth journey . The only problem was, after three days of traveling, Lin Chu Jiu found that her inner thigh was worn out by the saddle .

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Originally, there was nothing wrong with such a traumatic injury . The scabs would be fine after two days, but Lin Chujiu still has to ride a horse the next day . So how can her body have time to heal?

In the evening, Lin Chujiu put some medicine in it and wrapped it with bandages several times, then continue to ride the horse the next day . However, the injured part felt like being cut with a knife when she touched it .

It was like wearing unfitted shoes . She had to wear it all the time, so she kept getting hurt .

This was simply self-abuse!

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That night, Lin Chujiu quietly inspected her wounds and found that, as she had guessed, the gauze was directly attached to the wound . As soon as she tore it, her skin would be torn off together .

“It’s really bad luck . I forgot to prepare in advance . ” People who have never traveled far away have never experienced such suffering . Lin Chujiu only knew what to do next time after suffering .

There are three days to go, Lin Chujiu didn’t dare to tear off the bandage from the wound . Because even if she tore it today, the same thing will happen tomorrow . And it will be more painful to wear new bandages when the dead skin was scrapped .

“Let’s leave it like this . Fortunately, it’s not hot now, otherwise, it will all be rotten . ”

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Lin Chujiu didn’t move . She sprinkled medicine directly on the wound and then wrapped another layer, just like wrapping rice dumplings .

Of course, Lin Chujiu’s injury could not be concealed from the shadow guard and Su Cha, but what can they do? People who rode hard on horseback had to suffer . In fact, they were only slightly better than Lin Chujiu .

“Chujiu, be patient, we will be there in 3 days . We won’t have to ride again . ” When Su Cha smelled the strong smell of medicine and blood on Lin Chujiu, he knew that Lin Chujiu was seriously injured .

To be honest, Su Cha was really worried that Lin Chujiu couldn’t make it . After all, the next three days will much more difficult… …

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