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Published at 21st of November 2020 12:25:05 AM

Chapter 541.2: 541.2
Chapter 541: Hostage, you dare not kill me (Part 2)

With such kind of an enemy, if you don’t kill it, you will have trouble sleeping and eating .

Unfortunately, Xuanyuan Zhi didn’t understand this truth . Seeing that he had the upper hand, Xuanyuan Zhi arrogantly ordered: “This prince wants him alive . ” Taking this man alive back to the Central Empire was naturally more beautiful and meritorious than bringing his corpse . However, Xuanyuan Zhi overestimated his ability with the black-armored guards again and underestimated Xiao Tianyao too much .

The black-armored guards restrained themselves because of the order ‘alive’ . Xiao Tianyao took advantage of this opportunity to get close to the black-armored guards with a fearless posture…

*Puff* The black-armored guard’s spear stabbed Xiao Tianyao . Xiao Tianyao didn’t step back, he let the spear stabbed into his body .

The black-armored guard tried to strike Xiao Tianyao with a sword . Xiao Tianyao raised his sword to block it and rushed forward without hesitation .

“You are crazy!” Xuanyuan Zhi was stunned by Xiao Tianyao’s unstoppable momentum . The sword in his hand flicked and almost fell to the ground .

“Eldest Prince, let your people retreat, otherwise don’t blame benwang for not being polite . ” Xiao Tianyao killed people all the way until only five people remained standing in front of Xuanyuan Zhi . This distance was too dangerous for Xuanyuan Zhi .

“What do you want to do?” Xuanyuan Zhi gritted his teeth and finally didn’t run .

As the prince of the Central Empire, he had no face to ran .

“Benwang wants you to retreat and promises that you will not step again in the East . ” While talking, Xiao Tianyao was killing and kicking away the black-armored guards in front of Xuanyuan Zhi one by one .

“Xuanyuan Zhi, you are not the opponent of this prince . ” Xiao Tianyao had injuries on his body, but it didn’t affect his movements in the slightest . He leaped to Xuanyuan Zhi’s back .

“You are dreaming . ” Xuanyuan Zhi turned around and pierced Xiao Tianyao with a spear .

*Swish* When the shot got close, Xiao Tianyao clung to the spear and rotated it in the direction of Xuanyuan Zhi . His long sword was also getting closer and closer to Xuanyuanzhi .

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Xuanyuan Zhi wanted to escape, but his feet seemed to have taken root on the ground, and he couldn’t move even a bit .

“Let go of his highness!” The black-armored guard came to kill Xiao Tianyao, but Xiao Tianyao didn’t even bat an eye . When the black-armored guard’s spear and broadsword came closer, Xiao Tianyao just avoided the vital points and let them attack him, without any intention of retreating .

*Puff* When the spear stabbed Xiao Tianyao’s body, the black-armored guard quickly pulled it out . Then, he used his sword to slashed Xiao Tianyao’s arms and thighs . Blood immediately rushed out .

It looked like the black-armored guard besieged Xiao Tianyao alone, but… …

The black-armored guard lost!

Because Xiao Tianyao caught Xuanyuan Zhi .

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*Shua* The long soft sword lay across Xuanyuanzhi’s neck . Xiao Tianyao, who was covered in blood, stood there like a god of death: “Let your men stop!”

*Dong* Time seemed to have stopped . The black-armored guards in the middle stopped moving . No one dares to step forward . There was even a spearhead that had reached behind Xiao Tianyao’s back . Just a little bit more and he could pierce Xiao Tianyao’s body, but… the man didn’t dare to move at all .

“Let go of his highness!” The black-armored guard didn’t dare to continue attacking, but he didn’t want to withdraw, so he was in a stalemate with Xiao Tianyao .

“Benwang will say it again, let your people stop . ” Xiao Tianyao approached Xuanyuan Zhi with the sword, leaving a blood mark on his neck, which was full of threat, but… …

Xuanyuan Zhi was unaffected: “Hmph…you dare not kill this prince . ”

Yes, he dare not!

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No need to think far, just look on the surface, if Xiao Tianyao killed him, not only the Jinwuwei Army will die, but even him will die… …

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