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Chapter 52.2
Chapter 52: Hand’s speed and people can’t help but look (Part 2)

“Yes, Wangfei.” So, Housekeeper Cao moves closer and holds Cheng Hu’s upper body. Then, he turned his head to ask someone else to hold Cheng Hu’s lower extremities. However, he hasn’t opened his mouth when a guard took the initiative to come forward.

“Thank you,” Lin Chujiu said instinctively to the guard, but she didn’t know that her “Thanks” would make all the guards nearby shocked.

They’ve been living here in this place for so long, but they never heard their master say “Thank you” to them. So, they felt really… … happy and comfortable.

Lin Chujiu felt that the guardsmen now feel comfortable to her. After all, they were distancing themselves to her before, but now they were quietly approaching her and then surround her. However… …

“You’re blocking the light.” Lin Chujiu looked up and said, so all the people in front

of her started moving away. Lin Chujiu nodded her head in satisfaction and then she opened up the surgical tray to get a sterile forceps to check the exact location of the arrow inside Cheng Hu’s chest.

There’s no damage in Cheng Hu’s heart, but because his artery ruptured. She needed to suture it. But still, Lin Chujiu couldn’t say if this operation will be easy or not.

So, she checks his vital signs. After checking, she learned that Cheng Hu’s vital signs are still stable and it seems he has a strong desire to survive. So as long as she won’t encounter any problem during the operation. Cheng Hu’s life won’t be in danger.

Lin Chujiu didn’t show any trace of emotion to her face, but she actually felt relieved.  Then, she tried to guarantee to herself that she won’t make any mistake and she must save this person in front of her.





Lin Chujiu threw the forceps to the iron plate (kidney basin) without any emotion on her face. So, Housekeep Cao and the other couldn’t make a guess if she can save Cheng Hu or not.  So, they boldly tried to ask: “Wangfei, can Cheng Hu be saved?”

“Yes, he won’t die.” Lin Chujiu said while injecting anesthesia into Cheng Hu’s body.

Housekeeper Cao and the other were looking at what she was doing, but because they didn’t saw it clearly and they don’t know what she did. They wanted to ask her. However, when they saw Lin Chujiu’s face look so serious, they no longer dare to ask. But… …

Su Cha, who was standing far away from them couldn’t stop himself to asked: “Hey, what did Lin Chujiu do?”

Unfortunately, he was too far away from them, so even Lin Chujiu herself won’t be able to give him an answer.

Su Cha got depressed when no

when no one paid him attention. So, he went in front of Xiao Tianyao’s wheelchair and complained: “Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen got more and more undisciplined. They even dared to watch together as if it was a lively show.” Su Cha really hates them because they were blocking his line of sight, so he wasn’t able to see it clearly.

Xiao Tianyao obliques himself to glance at Su Cha but didn’t say anything… …

He just remembered that when Su Cha felt displeased,  sometimes he can be too long winded. He even couldn’t understand why he and Su Cha could work together.

After injecting the anesthesia, Lin Chujiu took advantage the time that they were still not paying her attention to prepare the sutures that were still inside the medical tray.

Then, Lin Chujiu tried to clean the forceps with a sterile gauze that was soaked in a disinfectant solution. After cleaning the forceps, Lin Chujiu tried to Chujiu tried to clean next to the area where the arrow is so that she would be able to see it clearly… …

Lin Chujiu had always been a serious and responsible person. Once she took the job, she won’t pay any attention to other external factors.

And now that she had taken into account that she can’t give Cheng Hu blood transfusion, she wanted to race against time. She wanted to stop his bleeding as soon as possible. So after making a small incision to Cheng Hu’s chest, Lin Chujiu’s hand speed increase.

Housekeeper Cao and the others did not blink because Lin Chujiu’s actions were so fast. If they blink, they might miss seeing her movement again. So, they couldn’t bear to blink… …

And because Lin Chujiu’s movement becomes monotonous. They are being tempted to help her around because they are really looking forward to Cheng Hu to be said by her hands… …

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