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Chapter 52.1
Chapter 52: Hand’s speed and people can’t help but look (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu also hope that she had gone to the wrong place, but the reality is … …

“Wangfei, come quickly, Cheng Hu is dying!” Doctor Wu suddenly said out loud due to his anxiousness, so he forgot to be respectful to Lin Chujiu.

So at that moment, Housekeeper Cao and the guardsmen were so shocked. However, Doctor Wu himself had a cold sweat after he said those words and was waiting for Lin Chujiu to give him a lesson.

After all, no matter what she is wearing now, she is still the Wangfei of the Xiao Wangfu. So, Doctor Wu shouting at her is absolute contempt for the Royal Family. And the punishment for being disrespectful is not light. However… …

Lin Chujiu only frowned and walked fast towards him.

Wangfei didn’t get angry? Isn’t the Eldest Miss of Lin Family is unruly and

arrogant? So, is this how an unruly and arrogant Eldest Miss supposed to act?

Did they mistake her for someone else? Or is it just there’s something wrong with their judgment?

“Our Wangfei is the eldest miss of Lin Family, right? Or did I remember it wrong?” One of the wounded guards thought he turn into a fool because of his injuries. So, he tried to ask to confirm.

What unruly and arrogant ah?

The wounded guard could no longer wait to hear the answer, but Housekeeper Cao only looks at him with his extremely cold eyes. The wounded guard suddenly got scared and had a chill. Housekeeper Cao didn’t say anything and just move to the side. Then, think that he should really have crashed that guard’s skull to turn him into a fool. 

When Lin Chujiu walked towards them, she saw a wounded guard that was lying on a simple stretcher soaked in his

his own blood.

“Wangfei, please look at him quickly. This child will die if we don’t stop his bleeding now. I want to treat his wound, but I couldn’t dare to pull the arrow.” Doctor Wu was trying to put a pressure on Cheng Hu’s wound to slow down the blood’s flow as much as he can.

However, earlier there were really a lot of wounded guards so Doctor Wu got really busy. And all the servants around him only follow his instruction and could only give a simple wound dressing. So, even though Cheng Hu’s case is not a first to him, he couldn’t treat him now because his condition got even worse than before.

“Ok, I’ll take a look.” Lin Chujiu did not hesitate to put her medical box on the side. And then she took out a face mask and surgical gloves. And in a blind of an eye, Lin

eye, Lin Chujiu had already tied up her hair easily, as if she had done it so many times.

Is she really their Wangfu’s Princess? Why does she look like a veteran woman from a battlefield?

All the guard’s eyes who was standing are staring wide open. So, those injured guardsmen that were still lying at that moment understand immediately that it might because of Lin Chujiu’s unexpected actions.

They heard that their Wangfei had sewn Cao Lin’s stomach and saved his life. However, they don’t know if it’s real or not.

Lin Chujiu quickly put on the face mask and the surgical gloves. Then, she took the surgical tray and disinfectant solution bottle. Lin Chujiu just walked passed by the crowd and didn’t say anything. But, when she arrived in front of Doctor Wu, she said: “Move aside.”

“Ok, ok, Wangfei, please.” Doctor Wu wanted to stay and assist Lin Chujiu so he could learn a thing or a thing or two. However, Lin Chujiu suddenly said: “You can now focus treating the others. I can handle him by myself.” There was a total of three seriously injured patient, so she doesn’t have enough time to waste.

“Oh, ok.” Doctor Wu said unwillingly. But, there were still guards that have bleeding wounds so he could only reluctantly turned around after saying: “I’ll go now.” But still, he believes that there will be a next time.

When Doctor Wu left. Housekeeper Cao immediately took his place and said: “Wangfei, if there is anything that I could help, this slave is willing to assist.”

Housekeeper Cao deliberately made his speech so humble to lift up Lin Chujiu’s reputation to those guardsmen that were still doubting her. Lin Chujiu was so grateful to Housekeeper Cao’s kindness, so she nodded her head and slowly said: “Hold him, then don’t let him make any unnecessary movement.”

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