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Published at 19th of June 2020 08:05:04 AM
Chapter 491: 491
Chapter 491: Childishness, OCD (Part 1)

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Although the emperor placed Princess Fushou Zhang under house arrest, he didn't treat her harshly . The mansion Princess Fushou Zhang was staying, is not close to the capital, but the environment was excellent . In Lin Chujiu's point of view, it's not an exaggeration to call it paradise .

When the carriage stopped, Lin Chujiu got out of the carriage under the help of Feicui and Zhenzhu . Looking up, she saw Xiao Zian standing not far away . When Xiao Zian saw Lin Chujiu getting off the carriage, he stepped forward, and said with a low voice: “Imperial Aunt, when you go back, would you like to join me?”

It was calm along the way to Princess Fushou Zhang's mansion, but he was not at ease . He believed that he knew Princess Fushou Zhang's character perfectly . She was not a person who will eat defeat nor apologize .

Princess Fushou Zhang was not like Princess Fuan . She doesn't care about anything . She can throw away her son, daughter, or husband, and do any unscrupulous things, as long as she can be happy .

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“Thank you, Prince Zian . ” Lin Chujiu didn't reject Xiao Zian's kindness . They knew something was going on without saying anything .

In this drama set by Princess Fushou Zhang, there will naturally b . l . o . o . d . y scene . Hearing Lin Chujiu came, Princess Fushou Zhang personally came to the door to greet her . When Princess Fushou Zhang saw that Lin Chujiu was about to come inside, she stepped forward and intimately said “Chujiu, you came, this elder sister-in-law is worried that you will not come . ”

Princess Fushou Zhang was wearing a bright and charming red dress . With a smile between her eyebrows and eyes, her whole body was emitting happiness .

“The eldest princess invited me, how can I not come?” Lin Chujiu said with an indifferent expression . She didn't feel proud or disturbed by Princess Fushou Zhang's enthusiasm .

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Princess Fushou Zhang acted like she didn't see it . She grabbed Lin Chujiu's hand affectionately: “Chujiu, your words make this imperial sister-in-law sad . If I didn't invite you to come, you will not come to see this imperial sister-in-law at all?”

“The eldest princess is wrong, I always want to pay my filial pity, but it was really hard to go out . ” Lin Chujiu withdrew her hand without emotion and pointed to Xiao Zian, who was beside her: “I met Prince Zian on the road, so I came together with him . ”

“Zian has seen Imperial Aunt . ” Xiao Zian stepped forward and paid respect to Princess Fushou Zhang to interrupt their conversation .

Because of her relations . h . i . +p with the Empress, Princess Fushou Zhang was reluctant to see Xiao Zian, but she has no prejudice against him . And because he looked handsome and has a good temper, she likes him very much .

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Seeing Xiao Zian stepped forward, Princess Fushou Zhang smiled: “Zian, I'm glad you came . You don't need to be polite to this aunt . No need to pay respect . ” In front of Xiao Zian, Princess Fushou Zhang still puts the air of 'an elder' and has a very good demeanor .

“Thank you, Imperial Aunt . ” Xiao Zian still respectfully said, but less calm and a bit more rigid . However, before Princess Fushou Zhang bother Lin Chujiu again, he stepped forward and hold Princess Fushou Zhang's hand: “Imperial Aunt Huang, let me help you . ”

His voice sounds calm, but Lin Chujiu could sense the awkwardness and uncomfortable in Xiao Zian's tone .

Obviously, Xiao Zian did not like to be close to Princess Fushou Zhang and doesn't know how to communicate with her .

Lin Chujiu lowered her head and concealed the smile from the corner of her lips .

Forgive her for being so unkind, but it's really funny to see Xiao Zian being so patient . She didn't ask him to help her entertain Princess Fushou, so he can't blame her .

Fortunately, Xiao Zian didn't endure for too long . A servant came to report: “Prince Wen is here . ”

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