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Chapter 45
Chapter 45: Sorrow and Third Prince is more useful


The medical system keeps alarming to remind Lin Chujiu that there is a patient that needs to be treated. But because Lin Chujiu hasn’t taken an action for a long time. The medical system started a ten-minute countdown.

So at that very moment, Lin Chujiu’s facial expression changed. After all, this demand of medical system can cause her to lose her life!

“Imperial Aunt, what’s wrong?” Although Third Prince Xiao Zian was talking with the Seventh Prince, he didn’t forget to pay attention to Lin Chujiu. So, he noticed at once the change in her facial expression.

The Third Prince’s eyes look so sincere and really show a deep concern. Seriously, his actions can really make a person treat him kindly in return.

How can such a kind person be born in the royal family?

Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but secretly feel pity for him. However, she decides to pretend to have a stomached, so she presses her abdomen and frown while saying: “Perhaps, I walked too fast that’s why I felt some discomfort in my stomach.”

“Imperial Aunt, your stomach is aching?” The Seventh Prince nervously asked. But, when Lin Chujiu nodded her head, his face immediately turn white and said: “It must be because I pulled Imperial Aunt all around the palace after we eat. Imperial Aunt, I’m really sorry. I’m a bad boy, I made you feel uncomfortable.”

The Seventh Prince embraced his body and keep blaming himself while walking in a circle. Then, he looks at Third Prince Xiao Zian pathetically and seems at loss on what to do.

Third Prince Xiao Zian frown, he wants to stay out of trouble. But when he saw Lin Chujiu’s pale face and the Seventh Prince’s anxious face. He said: “Imperial Aunt, I think it would be better

if you take a rest. Would you like to go to my Qing Palace for now and take a rest for a moment?” Xiao Zian fear that Lin Chujiu might misunderstand, so he also added: “But, I only suggested that because my palace is the nearest place from here.”

“That’s right! Imperial Aunt, you shouldn’t walk too far for now. So, just go to Third older brother’s palace and rest. While I’ll go and look for a doctor.” After saying that, the Seventh Prince ran in a hurry, even though his little eunuchs were calling him.

Ahh … …

Lin Chujiu’s eyes turn cold, but she tried to cover it.

The Seventh Prince acts so naturally. And because he acts so natural, she couldn’t help but doubt him more.

However, the Seventh Prince now ran away to find her a doctor. So, she just bluntly accepted Third Prince Xiao Zian’s kindness to go to his private palace and rest.

Lin Chujiu decided to go. So of course, as the owner, he needs to accompany his guest.  So, he said to his eunuch on the side: “Go to mufei (mother) and tell her that I’ll be late.”

“Your highness, I’m sorry for troubling you.” Lin Chujiu said while pretending to be weak as she sat down. Then, she accepted the warm water from the maidservant and took a sip.

“Imperial Aunt, you don’t need to act so distantly. It’s only natural for me to invite you. After all, if Fourth Imperial Uncle learns that I didn’t invite you to rest when you felt uncomfortable while you are near in my vicinity. I’m sure he will beat me into pulp.” Xiao Zian is indeed a gentle person. He immediately subsided the awkward atmosphere between the two of them. And his words are full of respect for Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao.

So at

at that moment, Lin Chujiu couldn’t stop herself from laughing and just casually put down the cup, while thinking and waiting for the right moment to asked about Xiao Zian’s leg disease. After all, the medical system hasn’t stopped from sending an alarm and even shows that she now only has three minutes!

Lin Chujiu wanted to say few more things before she will mention anything about his leg disease, but it seems she doesn’t have much time now.

So, Lin Chujiu frown while thinking about how she would ask him. However, Xiao Zian took the initiative and start a conversation: “Imperial Aunt, how do you feel right now? The doctor may not arrive soon, so would you like me to ask a maidservant to rub your stomach?”

“No, I’m fine, but … …” Lin Chujiu’s eyes fell on Xiao Zian’ s legs: “Ahm, you see your Royal Highness.”

“It seems Imperial Aunt and Imperial Uncle are getting along well, so I couldn’t help but feel envious.” Xiao Zian didn’t show any trace of discomfort when Lin Chujiu keeps staring at his legs.

Because of his disability, Xiao Zian has an inferiority complex and low self-esteem. After all, he is not different from others but he couldn’t walk.

Feeling envious?

Lin Chujiu wanted to laugh when she heard him, but she couldn’t. She must keep pretending that Xiao Tianyao values her. Not only in front of Xiao Zian, but also in this whole world. Otherwise… …

Her days in the capital won’t be that good once the people learn that not only her family doesn’t her, but also her husband.

So, Lin Chujiu tried to make her cheeks blush and lower her head in shyness. Xiao Zian saw her reactions and realized that his words somewhat sounds rude, so he didn’t dare to speak again.

The servants around them also

them also didn’t dare to say a word, so for a quiet while the hall turns very silence.

Lin Chujiu wanted to shut her mouth until the Seventh Prince arrive. But, she couldn’t.

Especially now that the medical system show that she only has sixty seconds left.

So at that moment, Lin Chujiu bite her lips and force herself to utter a word.

“Your Royal Highness, Third Prince” Lin Chujiu stood up and looked at Xiao Zian intently: “I know a little about medicine, so could you let me check your leg’s condition? I mean … … Wangye (Prince Xiao) doesn’t let anyone to casually touch his legs. I also don’t know how exactly did he get hurt. So, I would like to see, and then… …It would be better if you could help me understand his condition.”

What a lame reason!

Lin Chujiu wanted to cry. It was really sudden, so she couldn’t think for a good reason.

So, she thought he would definitely reject her. However, Xiao Zian nodded his head and said: “Ok, you can check.”

“Really, I can?” Lin Chujiu’s eyes shine brightly. After all, she now only has twenty seconds left.

Oh God, I’m saved, Xiao Zian is really such a good man.

Then, Xiao Zian smiles and nodded again: “As long as Imperial Aunt doesn’t mind, I have no intention to refuse.”

He is indeed worthy to be called the most gentle and considerate Prince. He’s really kind.

Seeing that she only has ten seconds left, Lin Chujiu didn’t act reserve anymore. She immediately approached and squat in front of Xiao Zian and hold lightly his calf muscle (back of lower leg).

His calf muscles and bones are in a good condition and form. So it means they definitely keep monitoring his condition. And because they are in normal condition, it means Xiao Zian doesn’t have any problem in his calf in his calf muscles area.

So, Lin Chujiu tried to touch his knees next.. …

Xiao Zian’s legs lost its functions and senses. So, he didn’t get embarrassed. Besides, Lin Chujiu didn’t make any inappropriate action.

Lin Chujiu is not aware, that when she gets serious. She somehow resembles Xiao Tianyao’s serious face.

At first, Zhenzhu and Manao thought that Lin Chujiu is just being intrusive. But, when they saw her serious face, they couldn’t help but think: Wangfei must really love Prince Xiao to go this far!

When the news about Lin Chujiu took the initiative to ask about Xiao Zian’s legs condition spread and reach the Empress and Seventh Prince’s ears.

The Seventh Prince’s face slightly got wrinkled and said in dissatisfaction: “Muhou (Mother), I told you Third older brother will be more useful because he looks so handsome and very gentle. And even if he is just a waste, there’s still a lot of women who fall in love with him. Anyway, if she doesn’t know that secret it will be better. But, if she knows that secret then she will definitely say it to Third older brother.”

“Muhou knows that you want her to marry the Third Prince, but your fu huang (father) agreed to let Lin Chujiu marry your Fourth Imperial Uncle instead.” The Empress said while leaning on her chair with full of distress.

The Seventh Prince got angry and slam the table: “It must be because of Concubine Zhou, that woman is really bad!”

“My Seventh little prince, you don’t need to strain yourself. Muhou will definite make you satisfied next time.” The Empress caresses the Seventh Prince’s head with full of love.

“Muhou … …” The Seventh Prince who’s eyes got a bit red due to anger nestled on the Empress’s side with a bit sorrow expression on his face… …

If you have a mother like that, no child will be willing to grow up instantly!

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