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Chapter 44.1
Chapter 44: Temptation and meeting the sick Prince (Part 1)

The Emperor asked to prepare magnificent meals because he wants them to enjoy the food. However, that would be very impossible. Of course, it’s not because the Palace kitchen’s cooking is not good, but because of the dull atmosphere around them. So obviously, any delicious food will turn sour.

At the dinner table, Lin Chujiu didn’t even make a single sound. She tried to follow the table etiquette to her utmost capability and didn’t dare to make mistake until the Emperor himself put down his chopstick. Whether Lin Chujiu has eaten or not, she also followed and put down her chopstick. After that, the maidservant immediately came and brought them water to rinse their mouth.

The Emperor also know that his presence made the atmosphere dull so after saying a few words, he no longer stays and just left. Lin Chujiu also wanted to leave and retreat, but

when she about to say her farewell ceremony the Seventh Prince stop her and ask her to play with him again.

Lin Chujiu frown her eyebrows and wanted to make an excuse. However, the Seventh Prince didn’t give her an opportunity to speak and directly hugged the Empress to ask her consent and stop Lin Chujiu too.

The Empress helplessly shook her head and then said: “Chujiu, most of the time, only the eunuchs stay with the little Seventh Prince, so he doesn’t encounter any lady to play around with him. It’s only you who always play with him in the palace, so could you let him play with you for a bit more.”

The Empress looked at the Seventh Prince with full of love while pulling him away, but her temperament is still as noble and dignified as ever. However, her doting and love for him cannot deceive the people’s eyes. And their level of relationship as a

a mother and child looks very different to the Crown Prince.

And because the Empress had said so, Lin Chujiu can no longer refuse and can only show a smile.

When Lin Chujiu nodded her head, the Seventh Prince cheerfully jumped up and said: “Imperial Aunt is the best, I really like Imperial Aunt the most.”

“What? You like Imperial Aunt than your Muhou (mother)? Is Muhou not good enough for you?” The Empress pretended to be jealous, so the Seventh Prince immediately coax her. A seven-year-old child’s words are like a honey that is so sweet. So, a person won’t be able to reject it.

Lin Chujiu just keep smiling and stand in the same place, until the Seventh Prince finished coaxing the Empress. But when they left, the Seventh Prince’s suggested walking around the palace a bit more.

“Imperial Aunt, we just eat so walking around a bit is good for digestion.” The Seventh Prince said, but Lin Chujiu doesn’t know what he really

he really wanted to do so she just nodded to agree.

Counter soldiers with arms, water with an earth weir (Idiom: different situations call for different action). She might not be afraid of Xiao Tianyao, but she shouldn’t act carelessly to this Seventh Prince which she finds not an ordinary child.

So, Lin Chujiu walk all around the palace with four maidservants and two little eunuchs of the prince, while the Seventh Prince himself is bouncing and jumping all the way around. The Seven Prince doesn’t need anyone to lead the way, so he took Lin Chujiu to the East side up to the West side of the palace. Occasionally, they encounter some group of concubines, but Lin Chujiu doesn’t need to greet them because their rank is not high enough to her.

After walking for a long time, they didn’t encounter any strange person or things. So, Lin Chujiu started to doubt herself that maybe she was just thinking too much. Seventh Prince much. Seventh Prince is still a child, so why would he have a heavy heart. But the next moment, they encountered the Third Prince who is being pushed by his eunuch.

“Third Big Brother,” The Seventh Prince got surprised and releases Lin Chujiu’s hand then went around the Third Prince.

Third Prince Xiao Zion is the Emperor’s son to Imperial Concubine Zhou. However, when he was born, he has a congenital leg disability, so the Imperial Doctors use their superb skills and rare medicines just to keep his legs grow normally.

Because of his sickness, the Third Prince only stay in his private courtyard most of the time. Lin Chujiu never met him before and this is the very first time she had seen him in person. But the reason why the previous Lin Chujiu could recognize him is because he is also sitting in a wheelchair like Xiao Tianyao and there were rumors that he has an attractive appearance.

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