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Chapter 43.2
Chapter 43: Stay for a meal and secrets everywhere (Part 2)


After thinking about it, Lin Chujiu didn’t get convince that the Crown Prince is truly talented. Instead, she even thinks that the Crown Prince is extremely stupid. Does the empress really love him?

But, if she truly loves him, then why she doesn’t show it?

Things about Royal Family is really hard to understand!

Lin Chujiu completely got immersed in her thoughts and no longer listens to the Crown Prince. But, when the Crown Prince notice that he speaks for a long time now, but didn’t get a response, he got very annoyed. However, Lin Chujiu is his elder now so he didn’t dare to speak badly of her.

The Crown Prince despised being ignored, but he tried to control his temper. So… …

The Crown Prince was about to leave. But, a seven-year-old little boy suddenly came with two eunuchs who has the

same size as him: “Older Brother Crown Prince, Sister Chujiu.”

“Zimo, why did you come here? Didn’t you go to your class?” The Crown Prince immediately smile and forgot that he was about to leave.

“Older Brother Crown Prince, I am here to have lunch with you and mother, so I left my class early.” The little boy looks well-behaved, his big eyes made him look so smart and pleasant.

Lin Chujiu got startled a bit and just remembered that the cute little boy in front of her is the Seventh Prince. He is the empress’s younger and favorite son.

“Seventh Prince.” When Lin Chujiu called him, the Seventh Prince’s eyes immediate fall on Lin Chujiu’s body:” Sister Chujiu… … oh, I should call you Imperial Aunt now. Imperial Aunt, you didn’t visit me for a long time now, so I thought you already forgot about me.”

The Seventh Prince immediately wrap

wrap his arms around Lin Chujiu and acted spoiled. His innocent and lovely face could even stop a ruthless person to push him away.

“Seventh Prince is so cute, so how could I just forget you!” Lin Chujiu thought that the original owner of the body and the Seventh Prince has always been so close. So, she didn’t awkwardly reached out her hands and rubbed his head in exchange to his complaints: “Imperial Aunt, I’m not a baby anymore, so don’t rub my head.”

The Seventh Prince said but didn’t run away. Instead, he continues clinging to Lin Chujiu while moving forward: “Imperial Aunt, there’s nothing good about the Imperial Garden. So, let’s just go and look at the talking bird that I got two days ago.”

So, the Seventh Princes carelessly pull Lin Chujiu on his private quarter. As for the Crown Prince? The two of them didn’t look at

look at him anymore.

The Seventh Princes is just like any naughty child. Aside from bringing his talking bird, he also took out his toys and ask Lin Chujiu to play with him.

Such innocent and forthright are natural to a child.

The Seventh Prince act like any normal children, so at that moment, Lin Chujiu felt surprised.

The Royal Family also raise their child like any normal children?

But of course, no matter what Lin Chujiu thinks she could just keep it inside her heart. And somehow, she thinks that entering the palace is really like a battlefield. The Empress is very scheming, while the Seventh Prince ask her to play with him, which she finds no any difference.

Lin Chujiu and the Seven Prince continue playing and just stopped when a maidservant reported that it was time for lunch and the Emperor will come to Luan Feng Hall to have a meal together.

“Imperial Aunt, meal together.

“Imperial Aunt, my clothes are dirty. I want to change my clothes first before I go. I can’t let fu huang (father) see me looking like this.” The Seventh Prince look at his dress in despised and pulled off his clothes.

“Ok, you can go. I want to tidy up too.” Lin Chujiu brushed off his clothes and smile calmly.

When the two of them turned around and went away on their own way. Their facial expression changed.

“When I get back, I better ask Wangye about the Seventh Prince.” Lin Chujiu said while her eyes are still in a deep thought.

“Tell Muhou (mother) that Lin Chujiu got even more difficult to deal with than before. She might really know that secret, so marrying him to Prince Xiao is wrong.” The Seventh Prince’s face turns gloomy and no longer has the innocent and lovely face he had before.

In the palace, everyone seems hiding a big secret… …

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