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Chapter 43.1
Chapter 43: Stay for a meal and secrets everywhere (Part 1)


The Empress’s presence is very strong. So, when the Crown Prince saw the scowled expression on her. He didn’t dare to argue anymore and obediently walk to Lin Chujiu, then cup his hands and bow: “Imperial Aunt, those lone words suddenly slip from my tongue, so this Crown Prince will ask Imperial Aunt’s forgiveness.”

The Crown Prince said. But, he didn’t even bow for at least ninety degrees in front of her and his tone doesn’t even have much difference.

So, with his actions or words, anyone could tell that the Crown Prince is not sincere.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t care anyway if he is sincere or not. She just wanted to put him in a trial and wanted him to understand that she is not the same Lin Chujiu anymore.

“Crown Prince, please stand up quickly. You will be the next emperor so how could I just reject your

apology.” Lin Chujiu said, but she didn’t even perform a proper salute.

The Crown Prince’s face immediately turns red in anger, but he couldn’t just grab Lin Chujiu. So, he tried to push back his anger and just said: “Lin… … Imperial Aunt, it seems you already got recovered from your injuries. So, I was wondering when will you visit your home? In these past few days, Wanting have been so worried about you. But because of Imperial Fourth Uncle, Wanting didn’t dare to visit.”

Lin Chujiu sighed and pretended that she felt embarrassed: “Crown Prince, Prince Xiao is still unwell and simply cannot go out. If he is feeling well, then I wouldn’t visit the palace alone right now. And because Prince Xiao is still like that, how could I just ask him to accompany me to visit our home? I think father and mother would understand that.” Crown Prince if you want to take revenge on

on me by using her, just keep on dreaming!

“Imperial Aunt, if you can visit the palace alone, then you can also visit your home alone, right? Or could it be that Imperial Aunt doesn’t really want to visit her home?” At that moment, the Crown Prince’s tone change and he ask aggressively. The Empress is not interested with their issue, but still, she just sits and smiles while looking at them.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t care about the empress’s face a bit, so she said with ridicule: “Crown Prince, are you saying that Lin Family can compare to the royal family?”

“Imperial Aunt, are you saying that you don’t think your family is important?” The Crown Prince frown and didn’t dare to answer her in a positive way. However, Lin Chujiu also didn’t let him pass: “Crown Prince if you really can’t understand then never mind. But, why don’t you ask your teacher, if as long as a Princess

a Princess is not ill she could just drag herself and visit her home alone?”

This time, Lin Chujiu didn’t deliver her words politely and hinted that the crown prince is stupid. So at that moment, the Crown Prince face change in color and shouted: “Someone come!”

Lin Chujiu faintly smile, but when she was just waiting for the crown prince’s next move the Empress suddenly cough: “Ahem… …”

“Chujiu, the Crown Prince is just worried about you and acted like a child.” The Empress said and gently smile. But, she didn’t pay any attention to the crown prince, then added: “Chujiu, Huángshàng (emperor) also ask to prepare a meal for you, so why don’t you stay a bit more in the palace to eat. And as atonement, let the Crown Prince accompany you to the Imperial Garden for now.”

After the Empress finished her words, she got up and walk away. Leaving the Crown Prince and Lin Chujiu standing inside the hall.

When Lin the hall.

When Lin Chujiu heard the empress’s words, she thought that going to the Imperial Garden and having a meal is not a good idea. However… …

“Imperial Aunt, please … …” The Crown Prince was furious but didn’t dare to contradict the empress’s words.

Lin Chujiu didn’t pay much thought. Anyway, Prince Xiao’s maidservants are with her, so she doesn’t need to worry much. After a few minutes, the two of them arrived at the Imperial Garden. And due to the Crown Prince’s diligence, he introduces a lot of flower to her along the way.

Lin Chujiu listen but didn’t walk beside the Crown Prince. Now, she was trying to recall the impression of the original owner of the body to the Crown Prince and Empress’s closeness.

In her memory, Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui is very competent. That’s why the courtiers praise him and the emperor is very pleased with him. The Empress also love the prince, but… …

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