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‘Undefined poison was detected in the water!’

When the medical system’s unemotional voice sounded and reported the findings inside Lin Chujiu’s mind. Her hand shook and almost spilled out the tea.


At that moment, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but thank the medical system existence and just silently smile. However, Lin Chujiu tried to close her eyes and pretended to smell the fragrance of tea in order to cover up her slow actions.

“What an excellent tea!” Lin Chujiu said her praise, but inside her heart, her blood is like a boiling water. Lin Chujiu slightly raise her eyes to look at the empress and the crown prince, but she didn’t notice any abnormal reaction to them. So, she couldn’t tell which one of them who planned the poisoning.

Knowing that there is poison, Lin Chujiu still tried to pretend like a fool. She used her large sleeve to cover up her face and pretended to drink. The other people thinks she was drinking, but she only let the tea flow to her sleeve.

The hot tea soaked her clothes, so she felt the hotness a little. But, Lin Chujiu just smile and put the tea cup on the side.

She wanted to go back early and use the medical system to test the poison multiple times. After all, she wanted to know what kind of poison is it.

However, if this poison was meant for her to spill out blood that would be impossible to do right now. Anyway, if she suddenly died inside the palace, Xiao Tianyao would absolutely make trouble. But, not to take revenge for her instead to use this opportunity to seize the throne.
After Lin Chujiu put down the tea cup, Yun Zhu came close and gave her a glass of water. But this time, Lin Chujiu didn’t drink it and just quietly sit still while waiting for the empress’s words.

The empress didn’t let Lin Chujiu wait for too long. She also put down her tea cup soon and said: “Chujiu, what exactly happened at the palace’s gate? The Crown Prince had said that you got dispute with the palace guards, but is that true? All palace guards know you already, so why would they give trouble with you?”

The Empress’s face looks very concerned, but her tone seems like saying that Lin Chujiu is just lying and just using her identity to cause trouble.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t know if it’s the empress’s habit or just deliberately doing so. But, the empress’s attitude to her is like an elder that is giving her a good of lesson.

Lin Chuji wanted to strike back. So, she looked at the empress and smile, then call her out: “Huang sao (Imperial Sister-in-law).”

When the words“Huang sao” came out from Lin Chujiu’s mouth. Not only the Crown Prince got stunned, but also the empress herself. The reason for this is, all these years, she treated Lin Chujiu just like any younger generation. So, how could she just accept and treat Lin Chujiu the same way with her generation? However, the empress’s shocking expression is not that visible, unlike the crown prince. So at that moment, she tried to remain calm.

“Hearing Chujiu call me huang sao, ben gong (this empress) is very pleased. These past few years, Tianyao doesn’t have anyone to care for him. But now that you’re staying with him, ben gong felt relieved.” The empress’s tone suddenly change and seems like she’s very concerned about her as sister-in-law.
“Thank you, huang sao for your care. When I returned I will let Wangye know that Huang sao had been thinking about him. Wangye will be very happy.” Lin Chujiu stood up and went in front of the empress to salute.

“Huang Sao, I don’t really want to say what happened outside the palace’s gate. But since we are a family and Huang sao asked. Then, I would dare to say it.”

Obviously, Lin Chujiu will complain about her grievances. But, when the crown prince and the empress heard her, they couldn’t help but think: Since when did Lin Chujiu get a brain?
Don’t tell me, Prince Xiao is such a skillful man to train successfully a fool like to get such courage and speak up? Thanks for reading, likes, and comments. TL’s Request: This site run on ads, so please kindly turn off your adblocker or add this site to your whitelist to support my translation, if you can. No spoilers, please!

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