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Chapter 42.2
Chapter 42: Relationship and seems not like biological son (Part 2)


Lin Chujiu doesn’t care whatever the empress thinks, so she said: “Huang Sao (Imperial sister-in-law), in the past, even if the palace guards doesn’t greet me I never complain. But now that I’m already a married woman, I’m no longer just the eldest miss of Lin Family. Huángshàng (emperor) himself even personally arranged this marriage for me to become Princess Xiao. And now that I became Princess Xiao, every word and every action I took represents the face of Xiao Wangfu. But, those palace guards still blocked my way and made me lose my face!”

Lin Chujiu did not only complain, but also pushed all the blame to the palace guards. She also said: “Huangsao must have heard already that on the day of our wedding many assassins have attacked us and there were a lot of casualties. Wangye‘s legs are still paralyzed, but if he

didn’t protect me then I won’t be able to get a chance to visit the palace again. So earlier, I really got scared and thought that they were assassins that want to assassinate me again.”

Lin Chujiu said while not forgetting to wipe her red teary eyes with her handkerchief and tried to stop herself from crying more.

In fact, Lin Chujiu didn’t really cry due to sadness. Though she really let her eyes turn red to make her acting looks believable and amazing.

“Chujiu … …” The empress tried to call her out because she doesn’t want to hear Lin Chujiu’s words anymore. But, it seems Lin Chujiu didn’t hear her because she continues sobbing and crying, then said: “Huang Sao, if those palace guards didn’t treat me like I am nothing, I am powerless and I am useless then I wouldn’t act rude to them. However, even the Crown

Crown Prince bully me!”

The empress’s eyes suddenly widen a bit and couldn’t help but asked: “The Crown Prince? What did he do?”

“Muhou (Mother), you don’t need to continue listening to Lin Chujiu’s nonsense. I just went there to pick her up, can’t I do that?” Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui immediately made an excuse. However, Lin Chujiu didn’t get worried a bit and wait for him to finish his words, then said: “Huang Sao, did you hear? The crown prince’s words don’t have any trace of respect for me. If my identity is still the same as before then I won’t say anything. But now that I’m married to Prince Xiao, aren’t I the crown prince’s aunt?”

Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui thought that Lin Chujiu will just tell how disrespectful he is. He didn’t expect that Lin Chujiu will add: “Huang Sao, before I know that I’m not that sensible, so I just keep

just keep shouting and chasing after the crown prince for him to marry me. But now, I don’t want to have much contact with the crown prince to avoid rumors. But earlier, the crown prince just address me by my name in front of the palace gate. So, I’m not sure if that incident already reaches Wangye‘s ears.”

The empress hasn’t said anything, but the crown prince immediately refute her: “What nonsense are you talking about? Can’t you see that I don’t show any favor to you? So, how could I have any relationship with you?”

“Crown Prince, I am your aunt, so is this how you supposed to speak with your elder?”Lin Chujiu stand with an attitude of not giving up, but also show a face with full of discontent.

The empress got a headache, but still tried to consider Lin Chujiu. So, she looks at the crown prince and said: “Crown Prince, said: “Crown Prince, apologized to your Imperial Aunt. You can’t continue to be rude to her.”

“Muhou… …” The Crown Prince didn’t dare to look at the empress, he couldn’t also believe that she asked him to apologized to Lin Chujiu.

The empress’s eyes turn cold and somewhat harshly said: “Crown Prince, didn’t you hear what I said?”

The empress’s harsh tone did not only shocked the crown prince but also Lin Chujiu. So, she couldn’t help but think again: Doesn’t the empress favored the crown prince much? I thought the two of them were getting along, but why there’s no trace of any warmth on them and they more look like a boss and a servant? The empress is so smart, so why she didn’t teach him not to act foolishly? Is the crown prince really her biological son?

Lin Chujiu tried to look down to hide her thoughts in her eyes… …

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