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The emperor’s guessed is half right. After all, when Xiao Tianyao learns how did Lin Chujiu answer the emperor’s inquiries. He really felt grateful that the emperor has bestowed him a wife who had a brain.

“The emperor didn’t realize that he was played by a woman? Benwang couldn’t understand why did he send this woman anyway.” Xiao Tianyao’s mocking face exposed a very shallow smile.

Lin Chujiu is really a smart woman and knows when to back out. But unfortunately, the emperor has given him this wangfei. If she wasn’t given by him, then he is certainly willing to use her.

After playing like a fool and fooling the emperor. Lin Chujiu was brought to the empress’s Luan Feng hall (Phoenix Hall). This time, the empress didn’t also embarrass Lin Chujiu and just let her wait for a short while in front of the door. After a few minutes, the empress personal maidservant Yun Zhu came to pick up Lin Chujiu.

Before, Lin Chujiu was the empress’s daughter-in-law, so she visits the empress from time to time to greet her. Yun Zhu got also familiar with Lin Chujiu, after all, she had asked her many times to help her say good words to the empress. Unfortunately, Yun Zhu doesn’t like her and even treat her cold.

“Aunt Yun Zhu.” Lin Chujiu still look the same as before, even her greetings with her is the same too. So, Yun Zhu only respectfully greets Lin Chujiu and treat her as coldly as before: “This slave greets Princess Xiao. The Empress has been waiting for a long time now, so please… …”

Yun Zhu bowed down her head and led Lin Chujiu through the door and announces her arrival, which is very different from their treatment before.

Lin Chujiu silently laugh, but Yun Zhu didn’t saw her. Then, she and Zhenzhu started walking into the hall.

Inside the Luan Feng hall, the Crown Prince and the empress were only inside. The empress was wearing her imperial crown while sitting on the top with a smile on her face. However, even if Lin Chujiu was still one hundred meters away from her. She can already feel the pressure that is coming from her.

Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui was standing beside the empress. However, even though he is standing straight beside her, he only looks like the empress’s servant. So, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but doubt: Is he really the empress’s son? How come there’s a big difference?

However, that is not the issue that Lin Chujiu wanted to consider much. When she moved closer, the fragrance inside the hall seems to remind her that there were a lot of women that had previously come.

It seems that those imperial concubines that had greeted her earlier had been sent away immediately. After all, her previous daughter-in-law is not worth showing off.

Lin Chujiu stands in front of the empress with a gentle and pleasant smile on her face. She also made sure that her smile looks a bit sincere. Lin Chujiu greeted the empress the same way she greeted the emperor. Then, she immediately apologizes on behalf of Prince Xiao for being absent. All her words seem like a script that was prepared early because she didn’t stop.

Xiao Tianyao doesn’t know when will he visit the palace again, so he just sent Lin Chujiu to represent him.

“Chujiu, ben gong (this empress) wake up so early in the morning to wait for you. Ben gong was looking forward to seeing you.” The empress said while secretly imposing a pressure on Lin Chujiu. But, if a person doesn’t know the real relationship between them, that person would think that they have a closed relationship.

However, Lin Chujiu just smile and sit down, but didn’t say a word.

After she sits, the maidservant immediately serves her a tea. The Empress who look so happy said: “Chujiu, quickly taste your favorite tea. Ben gong asks the kitchen servants to prepare them while waiting for you to come.”

“Many thanks, niangniang (Empress).” Lin Chujiu hold the tea cup and was about to pretend to drink. However, the medical system suddenly sent a warning sound… …

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