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Chapter 41.1
Chapter 41: The fool and the daughter-in-law became sister-in-law (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu is a strong and insolent woman, so the palace guards didn’t dare to make things difficult for her again. While the Crown Prince could not only stop Lin Chujiu but also experience a big loss.

So at that moment, Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui couldn’t help but gritted his teeth while looking at the carriage getting farther away. Right now, he could only be patient. Who let Lin Chujiu become Prince Xiao’s wangfei anyway? If she didn’t become his Imperial Aunt then he could scold her anytime.

Lin Chujiu scolding the eunuch and the palace guards in front of the palace gate immediately spread. So, the palace people didn’t dare to offend her and when she arrived. They immediately prepare a chair for her, so that she could rest.

Originally, she should visit the palace with Prince Xiao. But, because of physical discomfort,

he couldn’t come with her. However, the visiting procedure is still the same.

After she rests for a bit. They took Lin Chujiu to the emperor. Lin Chujiu kneel in front of him and pay respect. Fortunately, the emperor didn’t embarrass her and just asked how is she and what had happened in front of the palace gate.

The emperor’s words are very friendly as if he is trying to coax a fool. However, Lin Chujiu only said what happened and incited the words that Xiao Tianyao has instructed.

Lin Chujiu know that the emperor is treating her like this because of the original owner of the body’s reputation. Before,  Lin Furen let her act unruly, capricious, ignorant, reckless and scheming girl.

If she was still the previous Lin Chujiu, she will definite follow the emperor’s words. But unfortunately, she is not the silly Lin Chujiu! If she was still the same, Xiao Tianyao won’t let

let her enter the palace alone.

Now, whatever she do, she is representing the Xiao Wangfu and Prince Xiao’s face. So, she wouldn’t do and say what she shouldn’t. However, if she does, Xiao Tianyao must clean up her mess.

Lin Chujiu is not stupid to can’t understand what the emperor really want her to say. But, she also doesn’t want the emperor to see her shrewd side. So, she just silly reported that the palace guards embarrassed her, didn’t allowed her to enter the palace with her carriage, the crown prince didn’t greet and called her by her name as if she was only a servant in Xiao Wangfu.

Zhenzhu and Manao felt like they got shot by an arrow with her acting!

After all, Lin Chujiu only said a bunch of words about how bad the people of the palace treated her and didn’t even said a thing about Xiao Wangfu. The emperor frowns

emperor frowns his eyebrows, he couldn’t tell if Lin Chujiu is a fool or just acting like a fool. But… …

If she is a fool, then why she haven’t got his hint?

If she is acting like a fool, then how could she just complain about how bad is his people in front of him?

Or is he the fool for expecting something from Lin Chujiu?

Lin Chujiu wanted to see the emperor get dissatisfied and impatient. So, she keeps talking about the bad side of the palace and didn’t stop.

“Huángshàng (Emperor), whenever I visit the palace before I didn’t encounter any trouble. But now, why did I encounter so many bad things? Did Huángshàng bestow me with an unlucky marriage? Isn’t my identity as Princess Xiao is much higher than before when I’m only the eldest miss of Lin Family? So, why now I get in trouble? And also, it seems the crown prince is now allowed is now allowed to go out the palace anytime. And you know Huángshàng,  I saw the crown prince and my meimei (younger sister) hugging each other before. Huángshàng… …”

Lin Chujiu didn’t stop her mouth, she continues complaining about the palace and the crown prince. So, the emperor finally got impatient and said: “Well, now that I’ve seen she’s fine. You can take her to the empress.”

The emperor cannot stand Lin Chujiu anymore and doesn’t want to waste more of his time to a fool. However, just by thinking that a fool like Lin Chujiu is Prince Xiao’s wangfei, he’s mood turn better.

In just a few days after their marriage, Prince Xiao already offended the Lin Family and he almost falls out. Prince Xiao must also be a fool for offending his wangfei’s family. But still, his younger brother prince right now should be very ‘happy’ and must be feeling grateful for him for giving him such a wangfei. 

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