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Mu Ling couldn't wait any longer.

The feeling of having his wish come true was too refreshing.

Everyone turned to look at Mu Ling.

Many people were envious.

"Mu Ling Senior Brother sure is lucky."

"Although Mu Ling Senior Brother is a Spirit Grass Master, his strength can crush ten streets of that service disciple."

"My luck is really good. How come I don't have that kind of luck?"

"Why is that..."

… ….

Without waiting for the elders' declaration, Mu Ling gently leaped up and landed on the stage. Her finger moved as she pointed at Long Fei and said with an excited smile on her face, "Come, come, quickly come up."

Mu Yun said: "Boss, let me go. I want to kill him."

Mu Yun looked at Mu Ling's complacent expression and felt quite unhappy.

"Fight against Mu Feng, the person with the highest cultivation among all these people. Prepare yourself." Long Fei laughed: "As for this guy, hehe … Let him be proud for a few seconds. "

"He's about to cry, no... "He should be crippled by now."

The elder announced, "For the first match, Mu Fei versus Mu Ling."

"Disciples, please enter the arena."

Mu Ling couldn't wait any longer and said, "Little servant, hurry up. You'll kneel down and call me father the moment you find me."

Unrivaled smug.

That complacent face of his really deserved a beating.

Long Fei leisurely walked up the stage.

Mu Ling said smugly, "Brat, either kneel down and call me grandpa, then apologize to Junior Sister. I'll spare your life today."

"Or... You will die here today. "

Long Fei looked at the elder, and asked: "Clan Elder, may we begin?"

The elder said, "Sure."

Mu Ling said, "Little servant, quickly kneel down and call for me …"

Before he could finish his words.


A muffled sound rang out.

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An afterimage flew out.

Tens of meters away, atop a large tree, Mu Ling's body hung from a branch, her legs weakly swaying. Blood was trickling from the corner of her mouth, and her face was incomparably pale.

There was no sound at all.

It should be useless.

No one in the audience reacted. All they saw was the sudden loss of one person on the stage. Everyone's gaze was stunned.

It wasn't until a muffled sound rang out that they finally shifted their gazes towards the direction of the big tree.

"Senior Brother Mu Ling …"

"This …"

"What just happened?"

"I... This … Did you guys see it clearly? "

"Senior Brother Mu Ling, what's wrong?"

"What are you doing flying up a tree?"

"Could it be that the Senior Brother Mu Ling is releasing some powerful cultivation technique?"


"That kid is going to suffer soon."

… ….

Mu Ling had somehow flown onto a tree. No one could clearly see what had happened. They all thought that Mu Ling was going to release a powerful cultivation technique.

Even some elders couldn't help but urge, "Mu Ling, what are you doing? "This is an examination, hurry up and make your move."


Mu Ling didn't react at all after a few more calls.

Long Fei said faintly: "Elder, can I go down?"



"Where are you going?" The elder was also unable to react in time.

At this moment.

One of the disciples that walked in let out a startled cry, and said: "Se … Se … Se …" Elder, no, it's not bad. "

"Mu Ling, he, he … He's dead! "

As soon as he finished speaking.

The entire audience was quiet, and everyone's gaze shifted towards Long Fei.

Long Fei looked at his fist, and muttered to himself, "Aiya, my strength control was wrong, I thought I was only crippled, I didn't expect that I would die."

His eyes moved, Long Fei looked at the elder and said: "Elder, I do not need to take responsibility, do I?"

The Elder was also stunned.

He didn't know that such a thing would happen.

An elder also quickly walked to Mu Ling's side. After checking for a bit, he said, "There's no more air."

An uproar broke out.

Presided elders looked at Long Fei.

Long Fei waited for the answer and said: "I couldn't control my strength, a mistake, a mistake, but … I think he said he deserved it, right? "

"Not bad, not bad at all. Luckily, I asked him about it just now."

Long Fei pretended to be afraid and thought in his heart: Last time I gave you a chance, and now you dare to jump out? "You're looking to die? Why wouldn't I help you?"

The clan elder's expression was wooden, he did not know how to handle this situation, but seeing that Long Fei was walking down the stage, he could only give up.

After all, Mu Ling just said something like that.


He was thinking, what did Long Fei do just now?

It was not only him, all the elders and disciples present were also thinking about this question. What did Long Fei do?

Why did Mu Ling instantly hang from a tree?

Too fast.

No one could see it clearly.

Long Fei walked down the stage, purposely walked to Mu Yao's side, and said indifferently: "Did you see it clearly? If you don't see it clearly, then I'll slow down a bit later. "

With that, Long Fei smiled and left with big strides.

In the instant that Long Fei spoke, Mu Yao could not move a single inch.

She also did not see clearly how Long Fei made his move just now.

In a month's time, she broke through the holy-moon state, thinking that Long Fei was no longer his match.

But now …

Mu Yao's gaze tensed up, his fists clenched tightly.

At this moment.

Although her confidence had suffered a slight blow, she still firmly believed that she could defeat Long Fei.

"First place, first place, the first match is over. Mu Fei wins!" The Elder didn't even speak quickly. After all, someone had died.

Mu Ling was also the chosen disciple of the South Area's Elder Pill Principal, and she died just like that.

He must be responsible.

And then …

The elder said: "Fists and feet have no eyes, not bad, but we are all disciples of the same sect, Senior Brother s.

He was worried about dying again.

He had thought that the arrogant disciples were just playing around, but now it seemed that no one was playing around with him.

"Next match!"

"Mu Sui versus Mu Li."

"Disciples, please step forward."

… ….

The competition continued.

It was just that many of them were still thinking about the test Long Fei had taken on Mu Ling.

Too fast.

They wanted to know what had happened.

… ….

"In the next round, Mu Yao against Mu Yueran."

"Disciples, please come on stage."

After saying the name 'Mu Yao', the surroundings immediately quietened down.

Mu Yao's figure moved, and with a light leap, she landed on the stage like a dragonfly touching the water, receiving a round of applause.

"Senior Sister Mu Yao is too beautiful."

"Senior Sister, I love you."

"Mu Yao, do your best."

… ….

Mu Yao stood on stage, looked at his opponent, cupped his hands and said: "Senior Brother, please."

Mu Yueran's sword moved, and he said, "Junior Sister, look at this."

As soon as he finished speaking.

Mu Yao's figure also suddenly changed, the power in his body gushed out, and he shouted: "Eight Tyrant Fist."


A muffled sound rang out.

A punch was directed at Mu Yueran's chest.


Mu Yugran was directly sent flying. There were eight consecutive explosions as he spat out a large mouthful of blood. He landed on the ground with great difficulty and got up as he said, "I lost."

Mu Yao slightly bowed, and said: "Thank you, Senior Brother."

It was also a move.

Fast, ruthless, and fierce!

"Mu Yao wins."

"In the next match, Mu Yun will battle Mu Feng."

"Disciples, please come on stage."

The Elder called out the names of the two.

The two of them walked onto the stage. At this time, Long Fei stood behind Mu Yao and said with an indifferent tone: "Take a serious look, he will let you know what the real Eight Explosion Fist is!"

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