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“The Northern Army is suspected of having martial gods in the army.” The emperor said with a black face. All the palace ministers were surprised: “Martial god? This, how is this possible? Aren’t Martial gods supposed to stay in the Martial God Mountain, regardless of what?”

“Martial Gods, our country’s martial gods are currently practicing. What should we do?”

The Minister of Civil and Military Affairs and other related officials one by one fell on the floor. As if the world will come to an end.

Now that there were Martial Gods in the Northern Army, surely they are stronger than them. They have no chance of winning.

“Didn’t the Central Empire prohibited martial god’s participation in ordinary people’s war? Is the Northern Country not afraid to be suppressed by the central empire?” Right Prime Minister You asked with a heavy face, but his eyes were brimming with dignity.

Only when this thing was mention, the Minister of Civil and Military Affairs regained his calm.

The emperor coldly said: “They’re not yet martial gods.” Just like Xiao Tianyao at this time, he has the strength of a Martial God but extremely suppressing himself to break through.

Right Prime Minister You heavily sighed and said: “If that is the case, this old minister has a good candidate in mind.”

When this statement came out, everyone became silent.

They all know who is Right Prime Minister You was talking about, but… …

The Emperor had a hard time to get Xiao Wangye’s military power, will he allow Xiao Wangye to have this military power again?

Of course, the emperor doesn’t want to, but now that the country was at a great disadvantage. He can only rely on Xiao Tianyao to save the east and avoid being erased in the map, right?

If the country no longer exists, will he still have power?

“Who is it? Speak.” The emperor suppressed the anger in his heart and pretended to be eager to hear suggestions.

When Right Prime Minister You heard this, he knew that the emperor had compromised, so he said: “It is Xiao Wangye, our East God of War. Aside from him, no one else could defeat the Northern Army.”

Right Prime Minister You understood the grievances of the emperor, but they have no other choice.

“You said it well, if the God of War, Xiao Wangye comes out, the Northern Army will shake in fear.” The Emperor said while gritting his teeth, but he has an exciting look in his face, as he said: “Someone come, sent out an imperial edict!”

When the Minister of Civil and Military Affairs heard this, he was speechless. He also felt weak and powerless.

They know the emperor was left with no other choice!

On the same day, the imperial edict was sent to the Xiao Wangfu. The Emperor appointed Xiao Tianyao as the chief general of the National Defense Army. He ordered him together with 30,000 soldiers and horses to immediately rushed to the front line.

Xiao Tianyao was expecting it but didn’t think that the emperor will react this fast. He expressionlessly accepted the imperial edict and said he knows.

“Wangye… …” As the eunuch handed the imperial decree, he bluntly said: “The front line is in an urgent situation and can’t wait. The emperor hopes Xiao Wangye to send troops as soon as possible.”

Xiao Tianyao took over the imperial edict and looked at coldly the eunuch. However, he didn’t say anything, he just turned and went back inside.

The eunuch was stunned and stared at Xiao Tianyao’s departing figure: This, did he agree or not? How will I report back the emperor?

The eunuch was helpless, he looked at the Xiao Wangfu’s guards, hoping they could give him a clear answer, but… …

After seeing Xiao Tianyao’s figure disappear, the Xiao Wangfu’s guards one by one left. They didn’t pay attention to the eunuch.

After Xiao Tianyao entered the front house, he threw the imperial edict to Housekeeper Cao and said: “Tell Wangfei to come and see… …” Xiao Tianyao didn’t finish his words, he said: “Forget it, benwang will go directly.”

After turning around, Xiao Tianyao walked towards Lin Chujiu’s courtyard… …

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