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The news about the front line battle came too sudden. However, before this, the palace ministers were only arguing about trivial matters, when suddenly, a palace guard outside the imperial hall shouted: “Urgent news from 800 miles!”

Urgent news from 800 miles!

Upon hearing these words, the palace ministers immediately shut their mouth. The atmosphere inside the imperial hall drastically changed. The palace minister’s looked at each other with a heavy face… …

They all felt that this urgent news from the battlefield is bad.

“Come!” The emperor’s hand also shook.

The efficiency of the palace guard was extremely high. The emperor's words just fell, but they already assisted the soldier who came to deliver the news, to come in. The soldier kneels on the floor and handed the battle report with reddened eyes.

“Huangshang, Eminent Xu was assassinated and died in the camp. Our army was defeated, but the Northern Country didn’t stop at that. Our army lost three cities.”

“What?” With such a shocking report, several palace ministers couldn’t stop themselves from shouting: “Eminent Xu is dead?”

“Our army lost three cities?”

The emperor’s face became pale in shock and quickly took the report to the eunuch’s hand. When he read the content, his facial expression became more and more ugly. He grabbed the handrail on his dragon chair and yelled: “Northern Country, good, good, you are really good!” You actually used martial gods? This is simply shameless.

“Huangshang, please calm down.” When the palace ministers saw the emperor was very angry, they all hurriedly kneel on the floor.

“Calm down? How do you expect zhen to calm down in this state? Even with nearly millions of troops, they did not only fail to stop the Northern Country’s attack but also lost three cities. What is the use of raising this group of waste?” In this war, he spent a lot of money and effort to give them foods and weapons. Although he used this war for a personal matter, he also gives his full support, but in the end, they just lose.

“These are all this official’s fault, this official should die, please huangshang appease your anger.” The Minister of the Civil and Military Affairs and other related officials kneel down and said in unison.

“You all should really die.” The emperor was very angry. He really wanted to take a sword and cut all these useless general’s head.

The right faction knows that the emperor was in a bad mood, but things happened now. Getting angry will not help change the situation. Right Prime Minister You said with a grieving tone: “Huangshang, the front line was now in a tight spot, the commander in charge is dead. Our top priority is to choose another commander that will drive away the Northern Army.”

“Prime Minister You is right” Lin Xiang was unwilling to stay silent, he analyzed the situation and said: “The Northern Army took advantage of the panic state in our army, and captured three cities. We must stabilize our army and regain these cities from the North.”

There were two prime ministers who took the lead, so the other palace ministers followed suit. As soon he heard these words, the emperor’s anger disappeared, but… …

“The commander in charge this time shouldn’t be careless. Can anyone of you officials suggest one?” The commander in charge this time must have inhumane strength. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to turn the wheel.

“How about we pick someone who’s already in the front line?” At this time, they need to choose a commander in charge in a hurry, so it’s better to choose who’s already on the battlefield.

This proposal was good, but are the front line generals have this ability. Weren’t they all beaten after Eminent Xu died?

The emperor didn’t speak, he didn’t directly reject this proposal.

The palace ministers thought seriously and suggested a general one by one. The generals that come out from their mouth were veterans in leading the battle. Although they were not young, they were indeed strong, but the emperor was still not satisfied.

Lin Xiang has always been good at reading the emperor’s mind. Seeing his reaction, he understood that the situation in the front line must be complicated than they imagined: “Huangshang, are there martial gods in the Northern Army?” Lin Xiang casually find a way to explore the matter in the front line.

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