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“She looks at you in the eyes, as if she was looking at the love of her life. If my guess is correct, she likes you.” Lin Chujiu said with certainty, so Xiao Tianyao had a gloomy face: “Impossible.” He has never seen the Southern Princess, why would she fall in love with him? 

“I’m not lying, she looked at you, the same way Mo Yuer looked at you.” She is also a woman, she won’t be mistaken in this.

Xiao Tianyao frowned, then said, “Benwang will check into this matter.”

Lin Chujiu nodded her head and no longer entangled herself in this matter. The two fell silent until they arrived in Xiao Wangfu.

When the two went out in the carriage, a guard came forward and reported: “Wangye, Su Gongzi and Liu Daren are waiting for you in the study room. They said there was an urgent report from 800 miles.”

Upon hearing this, Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu were relieved at the same time. Xiao Tianyao was really afraid to go back with Lin Chujiu. And be driven out once again. It was too shameful.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to make trouble. She was very tired to drive away Xiao Tianyao. This banquet tonight drained all her energy, she really wanted to have a good rest.

Xiao Tianyao told the guard to send Lin Chujiu back to her room to rest. Then, he went to the study room.

In the study room, when Liu Bai and Su Cha heard footsteps, they busily get up to pay respect.

Su Cha had a dignified face when he handed the letter to Xiao Tianyao: “Wangye, this is the news from the front line, Eminent Xu died. The northern army pushed us hard, our army was defeated.”

Xiao Tianyao’s facial expression didn’t change. He just took the letter. While walking, he quickly took a glance and his eyebrow slightly frowned.

The letter was sent by the first rank assassin, Jing Chi. The details were about the process of the assassination of Eminent Xu and his own conclusion.

Jing Chi suspected that the Northern Country used martial gods.

Under the strong pressure of the Central Empire, all countries have agreed that they will not use martial god talents to deal with ordinary people. The Northern Country obviously violated this rule.

“If the Northern Country dispatched martial gods, we will suffer a lot in this battle.” Su Cha looked very worried, the usual joy in his voice vanished, only the dignity remained.

Xiao Tianyao nodded gently and tapped his finger on the table, then asked: “When will the emperor received this news?”

“If they are fast enough, then tomorrow.” The commander in charge suddenly died on the battlefield, and they even lost in the war. The people in the front line will not dare to hide it.

“Prepare for the expedition, the matter in the capital will not be taken care of.” His plan wouldn’t be able to keep in this abrupt change in the front line battle. He doesn’t have time anymore to arrange things one by one in the capital. He could only leave it to Lin Chujiu.

“Mmm.” Su Cha and Liu Bai also have a heavy heart. No one can tell what will happen in this war. Especially now that the Northern Country was using martial gods. The winning side is now uncertain.

Liu Bai and Su Cha replied and hurriedly left. Xiao Tianyao stayed alone in the study room for a long time, but then, he got up and walked out. His feet seemed to have lost control and stroll all the way to Lin Chujiu’s courtyard.

Looking at the closed door of the courtyard, Xiao Tianyao stepped forward and immediately crossed over the wall. He walked through the grass in the front yard and came to the front door of Lin Chujiu’s room. But before he could take a step, a shadow guard blocked his way: “Wangye, Wangfei said she needed to calm down for a period of time.” Meaning, Lin Chujiu was still reluctant to sleep with him.

After the shadow guard finished his report, he waited for Xiao Tianyao to cut him off. However, Xiao Tianyao didn’t do anything. He just looked at him indifferently and then turned to leave… …

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