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After the song ended, the emperor gave the two a reward, but there was no other evaluation. The two young ladies restlessly bow down their head and went back to their seats with heavy footsteps.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t understand the art of the dance, but she can see the people’s facial expression, that although the two young ladies perform well, it still can’t compare to Nannuo Yao’s silver plate dance.

There were many people who already feel embarrassed, but Nannuo Yao still didn’t let go of the chance to provoke them. She said in a frantic way: “This is the performance of the talented young ladies of the East? I see this is the case!”

The Emperor didn’t pay any care to Nannuo Yao’s provocation, but it doesn’t mean the other young ladies in the east will also not. A little girl in a red dress stood up and said: “Dancing is nothing but vulgar actions to please men, and here you are acting how great you are.”

The little girl is the daughter of Princess Fushou Zhang, and currently sitting beside her, so she was acting spoiled.  

Nannou Yao didn’t get angry when she heard this, instead, she sneered and said: “The silver plate dance is originally the Sheng Yuan Dynasty’s dance. Are you saying that Sheng Yuan Dynasty’s dance is an unpleasant thing?”

In this case, it was obvious that the little girl has no knowledge. But, the little girl still retorted back: “What Shen Yuan Dynasty? That country has long perished, but you people still used Shen Yuan Dynasty’s name to decorate your own facade. Princess Nannuo Yao, just because no one speaks of it, doesn’t mean that people don’t know what your father really is. He is nothing but a general. Does he think that by marrying an imperial princess of the south he’s now from a royal family and future descendants of the Sheng Yuan Dynasty?”

Just like Nannuo Yao, the little girl also speaks arrogantly and unruly. The two of them were like a needle in the eye.

Sheng Yuan Dynasty… … When Xiao Tianyao heard this, the light in his eyes dim, his hand that was holding Lin Chujiu’s hand unconsciously added force. Lin Chujiu felt in pain, so she turned her head to look at Xiao Tianyao, but he saw him in a daze.

Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but stared at Xiao Tianyao’s eyes and secretly pinched him: Why are you in a daze in such occasion?

Xiao Tianyao soon returned to his senses and shook his head towards Lin Chujiu, indicating that he was fine, but… …

The expression on his face was colder than before. Other people didn’t notice it, but Lin Chujiu, who was sitting beside him, discovered it.

Lin Chujiu knew that there must be something, but curiosity can kill a cat. She knew some things shouldn’t ask, even if she was curious.

When Nannuo Yao heard the little girl’s words, she stood up and said in angry words: “Since you look down on the silver plate dance of Sheng Yuan Dynasty, I am willing to compare with you in chess and painting. I will make you lose face today to understand.”

“Compared, who is afraid of who.” After she said those words, the little girl was shocked, she knew she should calm down. She wanted to repent, but Nannuo Yao didn’t let her do so: “Don’t dare to compare with this princess? Then, just admit defeat, this princess is too lazy to care about you.”

“Who don’t dare to compare? Who doesn’t know what kind of princess are you? Didn’t also Uncle Xiao said what kind of emperor your father is?” When the little girl refuted back, she didn’t forget to include Xiao Tianyao, so… …

Xiao Tianyao's words were full of gunpowder but were mentioned once again. Even if the emperor wanted to fool everyone with words, it was too late, because Nannuo Yao already made a fuss and kicked the table in front of her: “You insulted my father, I want to fight with you!”

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