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Nannuo Yao released words to compare talents with the Misses of the East. If the Emperor refuse her, he will be branded as a coward. So even though he knew that this was only Nannuo Yao’s madness, he just smiled and nodded his head.

When the few young ladies heard Nannuo Yao’s words, they were all angry and stared at Nannuo Yao badly.

Nannuo Yao didn’t pay any care about the discontent in their eyes. The Emperor gave her permission, so she was very proud and happy: “Thank you, Huangshang. This princess will go and prepare.”

Nannuo Yao turned and left. But before leaving, she didn’t forget to give Lin Chujiu a provocative look. Lin Chujiu slightly frowned her eyebrows, her heart vaguely understood Nannuoyao’s plan.

If Nannuo Yao wants to show off her talent, she has no say about it. She has no intention to play a slapping face game, it will be great if Nannuo Yao will not provoke her.

Nannuo Yao was obviously prepared. In a short time, she changed her clothes and went to back. Her dress didn’t expose an arm or leg but was wrapped very tightly to her body.

Nannuo Yao’s clothes were obviously specially made, even if it didn’t expose any part of her body, it revealed her graceful figure.

On the stage, the dancers of the South were already ready.

The silver plate dance, the name implies that people will be holding a silver plate and the dancer will dance on top of it.

The dancer can only borrow the silver plate on top of these people head as a platform. If the silver plate was not properly held, the dancer will fall. The difficulty of this dance is imaginable.

Usually, in order to maintain stability, the people holding the silver plate were strong men, but Nannuo Yao’s silver plate dance was different. The people holding the silver plate were all graceful dancers.

The seven seemingly thin women, each holding up a basin-sized silver plate, stood on the stage with a pretty appearance, making people worried that they would miss.

Seeing this scene, many people were deeply in thought and worried. Princess Nannuo Yao dared to provoke their talented young ladies, they mustn’t perform badly. If they lost to her, it will be shameful.

Nannuo Yao seems to be aware of what everyone was thinking, so she arrogantly tilted her head up high, as her eyes fell towards Lin Chujiu’s table. But, who knows whether she was looking at Lin Chujiu or Xiao Tianyao.


When the drums sounded, Nannuo Yao took back her line of sight. With the help of a maidservant, she walked forward to the stage and jump gently on the silver plate. The bell on her ankle was issuing a string of melodious sound.

Her footsteps were very light, without any help, Nannuo Yao beautifully rotating on the silver plates. Her footing on the silver plate coincides with the beating sound of drums.

*Boom, boom, boom* The drums sounded, again and again, sometimes the sounds were fast and slow, and sometimes it was heavy and light, while Nannuo Yao also dances fast and slow, then rotate and jumped… …

The seven dancers also dance back and forth with the silver plates. Their dance was full of power and beauty, making them all looking so dazzling.

A little girl can dance like this without difficulty. Lin Chujiu had to say that Nannuo Yao can really jump up so well.

Lin Chujiu was looking forward and appreciating the dance when suddenly, she heard Xiao Tianyao’s voice: “This dance was originally a sacrificial dance of the Shengyuan Dynasty, but later on was changed to silver plate dance of the South. The Southern Princess has a martial art skill, that’s why she could stand steadily on the silver plate, you don’t need to take her seriously.”

“Huh?” Lin Chujiu turned her head and looked at Xiao Tianyao with a puzzled look.

Is Xiao Tianyao giving an explanation?

Is it necessary?

Xiao Tianyao saw the look in Lin Chujiu’s face and thought that she was worried about what will happen next, so he held her hand and said: “Don’t be afraid, benwang is here.” Of course, he also saw Nannuo Yao’s provocative eyes, it’s just he didn’t put her in his eyes.

The Southern Emperor doesn’t exist in his eyes, so why would he take this Southern princess seriously!

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