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The Southern Princess and Western Prince’s goal of coming are to choose a husband and a wife. It’s true that tonight’s banquet was to welcome them, but also for them to meet the Eastern palace officials, sons, and daughters. Giving them the chance to choose the right partner, as to avoid trouble with the two said country.

The four countries have no special rules when it comes to intermarriage. The Southern Emperor and Western Emperor sent their princess and prince, for the sake of marriage, but they must have another reason.

The East Emperor had this in mind. However, even though he should put the two under special requirements. He agreed for Nannuo Yao and Ji Fengyan to enter the east. But, he didn’t make any special imperial marriage plan for them.

As everyone knows, the Eastern Country was the most prosperous and strong out of the four countries. Although their battle against the North was devastating, the victor in war hasn’t been decided yet. They haven’t reached the point of needing to marry the Southern Princess and Western Prince.

The Southern Emperor also didn’t say that he wants his daughter, Nannuo Yao to marry the eastern crown prince. He only said in the letter that Nannuo Yao likes the East culture. She was pampered by him, so when her daughter said she wanted to find a husband in the east, he couldn’t stop her.

As for Ji Fengyu, although he always hinted that he wanted to marry an imperial princess of the royal family, the east emperor only said to him that he can choose a noble lady to be his wife, and then he will grant her a title of a princess.

The weight of a real princess and the fake princess was naturally different. Ji Fengyu had a plan in mind. He wanted to marry an imperial princess of the east to add a chip for him to get the throne. So, when he heard the east emperor’s statement, he was quite disappointed, but he didn’t reveal it on his face.

As for Nannuo Yao?

Aside from herself, only a few people know that her goal was to marry Xiao Tianyao. So naturally, only a few know why she treated Lin Chujiu like a needle in the eyes.

After three rounds of wine, the song and dance performances in the imperial also came to an end. And the most important play tonight will finally be staged!

In order to solve the marriage of Nannuo Yao and Ji Fengyu as soon as possible, the east emperor specially arranged the young boys and girls to go to the garden to see the lanterns and get along, but…

Nannuo Yao, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly stood up and said: “Huangshang, I apologize for my rudeness earlier. In order to express my sincere apology, I would like to personally offer my silver plate dance to your highness.”

This was something they didn’t agree before, so the emperor was startled a bit. However, in the end, he smiled and said: “Well, go on.” Nannuo Yao wants to perform, he shouldn’t stop her.

When the Empress heard this, she also said with a smile: “This empress heard that the Southern silver plate dance is truly a wonder. Today, this empress will finally be able to see it with my own eyes.”

“Your Highness is over praising us, the east has a lot of talents, and you can see beauties everywhere. When I was in the south, I heard that the young ladies in the east were all knowledgeable and well-versed in chess, calligraphy, and painting. And Miss Lan Xi was praised as the world’s most talented woman. If I will have a chance to exchange knowledge with the Eastern ladies, I will have no regret in my life.” Nannuo Yao was not stupid, she knew that if she shows off her talent alone, she will only become a joke. But, if everyone shows their talent, it will be different.

Today, she wants to clearly see the talent of eastern ladies. Although she was arrogant and doesn’t know how high is the sky, she was strong. The ladies in the Eastern Country was simply nothing to her.

As for Miss Lan Xi, who suddenly come out from her mouth. She was the beauty that was directly rejected by Xiao Tianyao. And who’s talent was only branded as a straw in his eyes. After this beauty was rejected by Xiao Tianyao, she accepted a marriage proposal of some famous son from the Central Empire.

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