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“Prince Fengyu is polite, say hello to your father in behalf of me.” Ji Fengyu was not given yet the title of the crown prince. So this time, he came to the east to seek an imperial marriage.

Now that Xiao Tianyao and Ji Fengyi paved a way, the other palace officials also offered a toast to the emperor. But of course, they also didn’t forget to offer a toast to Ji Fengyu. After all, he was also a protagonist of today’s banquet.

In an instant, the imperial hall became lively. As for the Nannuo Yao, who was still standing in the front, she was continuously ignored by everyone.

Whether she was only acting stupid or not, she has already reached the point of no salvation. Others just want to talk to the Prince of West. After all, Nannuo Yao did not only offend Xiao Wangye but also the emperor!

Without Nannuo Yao’s disturbance, the banquet went well very smoothly. Ji Fengyu's attitude was very proper. He was very humble in front of the emperor. Even if the strength of their West Country was not strong, in a short while, he won a lot of affection of the palace officials. Even Right Prime Minister You couldn’t help but say to his grandson beside him: “The West Prince is not simple.”

“Unfortunately, he is not favored.”Right Prime Minister You‘s grandson smiled lightly, his smile was very similar to his grandfather.

Ji Fengyu was really not a favored son in the West. Because if he was, why would he go to the East Country to ask an imperial marriage?

Nannuo Yao was completely ignored by everyone. At this moment, she was very ashamed and annoyed. According to her calculations, the emperor shouldn’t have shown any mercy, he will force Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu apologize to her.

She was not really stupid and arrogant, she dared to cause this trouble because she knew the Eastern people will not dare to offend her.

Nannuo Yao remained standing in the front full of dilemma. She was regretting it. If she had known that this will happened, she should have listened to her Fifth Imperial Brother. By then, she wouldn’t put herself in this predicament.

Seeing that Ji Fengyu had actually caught up with Xiao Tianyao, Nannuo Yao slammed her foot. Making a crisp and unpleasant sound while going to her respective place. When she sat down, she forcefully grabbed the table and chair.

*Bang* The sound was not that loud, but can make people felt awkward to continue talking. Many people frowned and looked at Nannuo Yao, who was sitting there like a fool.

Nannuo Yao was a princess in another country, so the palace officials couldn’t just open their mouth. In the end, they just urged their sons and daughters to behave well. If the Nannuo Yao targeted them, it will be big trouble.

Ji Fengyu only said one sentence to Xiao Tianyao but was interrupted by Nannuo Yao. He wanted to continue to talk, but he couldn’t bring out the right atmosphere.

Ji Fengyu was very angry, but he couldn't show it on the surface of his face. After all, the emperor was still watching from above. He shouldn’t make it too obvious that he wants to talk to Xiao Tianyao. Otherwise, he will not live long in the east.

Everyone present stayed silent for the meantime. When they saw the emperor didn’t say anything and acting as nothing had happened. They continued to talk about their unfinished topic.

Lin Chujiu didn’t make any sound from the start to the end. She just held the cup in her hand but didn’t drink it. Instead, she looked at the people around her secretly. As for Nannuo Yao who looked at her angrily from time to time?

Lin Chujiu completely ignored her. Xiao Tianyao has already expressed his dislike to the imperial family of the south. So, she doesn’t need to put this princess in her eyes. Why does she need to take her seriously anyway?

Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to take Nannuo Yao seriously, but Nannuo Yao regarded her as her enemy. She even wanted to kill her now… …

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