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At this time, no matter what rank of the officials was, they had already sat in their respective place. And aside from the guests, the emperor, and the empress, only Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu haven’t arrived.

Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu haven’t stepped into the banquet hall when the eunuch loudly announced: “Xiao Wangye and Xiao Wangfei arrives!”

Xiao Tianyao didn’t even bat an eye, he only walked forward while holding Lin Chujiu’s hand. According to the rules, it was extremely unruly to walk together hand in hand in such occasion. However, who was Xiao Tianyao? 

He was a noble prince in the East Country. He was a man above a hundred thousand people. Although he doesn’t ignore etiquette, it has nothing to do with him. Binding him with etiquette rules were simply people’s delusion.

His woman, if he was willing to walk side by side with her, who are these people stop him?

Lin Chujiu wanted to follow the rules in the palace. But, Xiao Tianyao was tightly gripping her hand. She cannot pull it out.

Of course, Lin Chujiu doesn’t deny the fact that she was a bit excited in her heart this time. After all, it shows that she was not a woman, who can only stand behind Xiao Tianyao, but a woman, who can walk forward with him, hand in hand.

In this era, there was almost no woman who can walk side by side with her husband. Even the most honorable woman in the world, the empress, cannot get such honor.

As Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu walked in, the officials sitting on both sides gave them a greeting.

“Long Live Xiao Wangye and Xiao Wangfei, may you live for a thousand more years.”  Even after the greeting, Xiao Tianyao stayed indifferent, he only pulled Lin Chujiu and walked forward.

Scarlet and gold were a conspicuous color. When they came inside, they caught everyone’s eyes… …

The seating arrangement in the banquet hall was according to identity. The Emperor was sitting in the middle, while on the left and the right were nobles and officials. The closer a person sits to the emperor, the higher the identity.

The lowest official position, who attended the banquet today and almost sitting near the door, was rank 3 officials. Some of these officials were well-informed about Lin Chujiu’s reputation before. So, when they saw her wearing a golden dress, walking gracefully and steady, they were all dumbfounded: Is this Prime Minister Lin’s eldest daughter?

Isn’t Prime Minister Lin’s eldest daughter proud and arrogant?

A proud and arrogant lady can walk side by side with Xiao Wangye?

A proud and arrogant woman, can shine like this next to Xiao Wangye?

This… simply doesn’t match with the rumors!

A group of low-rank officials looked at the other officials and asked some things, but they found out that none of them know the answer… …

However, to the people with noble identities, they knew very well that Lin Chujiu was very different to those rumors. They also know that Xiao Wangye put great importance to this Wangfei of him. So seeing Lin Chujiu looking elegant was not a surprise for them. 

Xiao Wangye’s vision was of a different caliber, it was known to everyone. He didn’t even hesitate in rejecting the number one beauty in the east. Such evaluation was simply like a strand of straw in his eyes.

So how can this woman who entered Xiao Wangye’s eyes be ordinary? It will really be strange if Lin Chujiu has no great talents.

The nobles were not surprised by Lin Chujiu’s stunning appearance. What made them surprised was Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao were holding hands.

On this occasion, they walked hand in hand, what does Xiao Wangye mean?

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