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“Wangfei, you misunderstood, I didn’t say that you have to cater Wangye. I mean… … Can’t you care about the incident with Zhou Zi? That was really an accident. At that time, Wangye hired the first rank assassin Jing Chi to protect you. With Jing Chi’s skills, Zhou Zi will absolutely not be able to hurt you. It’s just, Jing Chi got late because of his younger brother.” When it comes to this, Su Cha really couldn’t help but sympathize with Xiao Tianyao.

He was so unlucky, God doesn’t even help him.

Xiao Tianyao had explained this incident with Zhou Zi before, but Lin Chujiu couldn’t let it go. She could never forget that pain she experienced when the arrow pierced through her chest.

“What about the wind cliff valley? How will you explain?”

“About the Wind Cliff Valley, Wangye knew all along that the people behind the scene were really after him. After all, no one will possibly plot against you. Wangye didn’t think of a plan to save you because he wanted to pull out the people behind the scene. At the same time, he wanted to give you a chance to work out. The goal of the people behind the scene is Wangye, they will not hurt you, that’s why Wangye was not worried about your safety. It’s just, we and Wangye didn’t expect that you will escape from them. ” He has to say, Xiao Tianyao’s eyes were really good, he did not only picked up a woman who’s good in medicine but also very tough.

Although the emperor’s secret spy was not a martial god, he was one of the top ten martial artists in the East Country. Lin Chujiu, who can escape from this spy was really impressive.

“You mean to say, that these things are all coincidence. I shouldn’t blame Wangye for using me as a bait and I’m only over thinking, is that right?” Lin Chujiu admitted that Su Cha’s eloquence was excellent, he could stand in Xiao Tianyao’s position. But, what about her? Who will stand in her position and say a few words for her?

“Wangye is doing all these for your good. Wangye will soon go in the battlefield. He cannot bring you along with him. If you don’t have enough ability to protect yourself, Wangye will be forced to send more people to protect you. Well, I know Wangye can leave a lot of shadow guards to protect you, but the other side can also send more people to take you away and kill you. Wangye was in a hurry to kill Zhou Zi because he was afraid that once he goes to the battlefield, Zhou Zi will come after you.” Su Cha was so thirsty after explaining for long. So at this moment, he didn’t bother about etiquette, he picked up the teapot and directly drink from it.

After drinking, Su Cha anxiously looked at Lin Chujiu. He said a lot of words, but he was not sure if Lin Chujiu bothered to listen to everything.

Lin Chuji faintly sighed and said: “I know.”

After saying those words, Lin Chujiu got up and calmly left. Her posture was as elegant as ever, she was not in a hurry… …

“What does Wangfei mean?” Liu Bai who stayed silent and just listened asked. In the end, he couldn’t understand whether Su Cha succeeds in persuading Lin Chujiu.

“If you ask me, I will ask who?” Su Cha looked at Liu Bai unpleasantly.

He wants to know what Lin Chujiu mean? If he knew the answer, will he still sit in a daze? He would have run to Xiao Tianyao to take credit.

Forget it… …

Regardless of what, he needs to investigate things about the Ci Entang.

Su Cha patted the fold of his sleeves and got up, then he walked away. What about the matters regarding Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu?

He did everything he could, all that’s left is to wait for their destiny!

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