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Su Cha’s hand shook while pouring a tea, he almost couldn’t maintain his image as a young noble gentleman: “Wangfei, can’t we have a good talk?” Lin Chujiu repeatedly refused to talk, which was a bad thing.

“It’s not that I don’t cooperate, it’s you who keep hiding things.” If she doesn’t want to cooperate, she wouldn’t come over here.

“It’s my fault,” Su Cha put down the teapot and readily admits his mistake, then bluntly said: “Wangfei, I came to you today, because I want to tell you things about Wangye. I don’t know if you know so much about Wangye?”

Lin Chujiu didn’t answer Su Cha, she only said: “Whatever you wanted to say, just say it directly.”

Why Wangfei isn’t curious at all? 

Su Cha was depressed when Lin Chujiu was not hooked. Because he couldn’t create the atmosphere he wanted. And so, he just forced himself to directly say: “Wangfei, I know that what Wangye did this time made you very angry and wronged. But, there are things that you really can’t blame Wangye. Wangye, he… …” 

Su Cha didn’t give up, he really wanted Lin Chujiu to ask him on her own in curiosity. Unfortunately, Lin Chujiu didn’t speak. Su Cha had no choice but to continue his words: “Wangfei, other people could only see how glorious Wangye lived. How mighty he is with his powerful army. But, no one knows how much he paid for it.”

After he finished, Su Cha released a deep sigh, then added: “Wangye, lost his mother at the age of 5 and was taken away. It was only after 5 years he was discovered. But, no one knows what he had experienced in those 5 years. People only know that his back. And when he returned, he was so thin. There was no slightest meat in his body. He doesn’t talk, and he doesn’t like getting close to people.”

“Wangye had returned, but he didn’t have long peaceful days. The first emperor died after half a year of his return. The first emperor truly loves Wangye, so before he died, he gave him his military power. However, the first emperor forgot that a young boy couldn’t handle such great power.”

“The current emperor was eyeing that military power since then. At the age of 16, Wangye became famous to the outsider. At the age of 18, people called him the God of War. The whole world knows that he was born noble and was a high ranking military officer. However, people don’t know that Wangye came to the battlefield at age of 12. Wangye paid a lot of blood and tears.” While saying those words, Su Cha’s tone unconsciously lowered. He didn’t deliberately do it to set an atmosphere, every word came from his heart.

“Wangfei, can you imagine a 12-year-old boy killing people day and night? Can you imagine a 13-year-old boy was trapped in the jungle and fought with the beast? Can you imagine a 15-year-old boy was buried alive? He, alone crawled up to ground with his own two hands. Wangye encountered death many times in his entire life. It’s a big miracle that he survived. Everything he has today has reasons. And whatever identity he has today was came for his own effort.”

“I don’t know if Wangfei has seen Wangye’s wounds at the back. I was fortunate to see it once. But at that time, I almost faint in fright. I don’t have a single wound on my body. But Wangye’s body has a lot of it, there were vertical and horizontal scars. There were old and new scars. There was no fine and smooth space at all. I can’t believe that with those wounds, Wangye can still live.”

At this point in time, Su Cha couldn’t help but laugh at himself: ” I always thought that I was the only one having a hard time in my life. But if I compared my suffering to Wangye, it was almost nothing. No matter what Wangye has today, he didn’t get it so easily.”

"It's really not easy." Lin Chujiu said and nodded her head to agree with Su Cha. Su Cha didn’t find Lin Chujiu’s tone vivid and emotional, but with her simple sentence. It can be seen that she had completely imagined Xiao Tianyao’s difficulties in life at that time… …

No one can casually succeed, Xiao Tianyao is no exception!

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