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“After we quarreled, you went running to the Meng Family. Isn’t that what you call throwing a fit?” Xiao Tianyao said fiercely, but his right hand was gently caressing Lin Chujiu’s long hair. As if he was coaxing an angry cat.

“I am not throwing a fit. I went there to see my grandmother.” Lin Chujiu refused to admit it. She was like a cat whose tail got trampled and being stubborn.

“Do you think benwang is a fool?” He will not believe such kind of reason.

Lin Chujiu got angry from embarrassment: “Even if I throw a fit, what about it? Can’t I get angry? Whenever you want to use me as a bait, I cannot only refuse, but I also cannot be upset?”

“You are thinking too much, benwang doesn’t need to use you as bait. You are married to benwang, you have to bear all these, you can’t escape.” Xiao Tianyao’s face looked very cold, he doesn’t feel there was something wrong.

“Who said before that you don’t want to marry me?” The Emperor and the Empress don’t put her in their eyes, so she was given to him.

“That was before when benwang doesn’t care about you yet. Do you want benwang to ignore you?” Such a touching statement, but when Xiao Tianyao spoke of it. It doesn’t have any intimate feeling.

Lin Chujiu felt the conversation was too boring: “As if you care so much about me now.”

“Of course, you are in here.” Xiao Tianyao pointed out his own heart and whispered to Lin Chujiu’s ear: “Benwang sees you as his wife, so benwang cares about you. Chujiu, don’t let benwang get disappointed.”

“I… …” Lin Chujiu just opened her mouth, but she was interrupted by Xiao Tianyao. “Lin Chujiu, you are not qualified to refuse.”

“You don’t have to stress it out over and over again. I know I am not qualified.” Lin Chujiu looked at Xiao Tianyao. Her heart was so depressed.

She has always been led by Xiao Tianyao right under her nose, she couldn’t decide for herself at all. If Xiao Tianyao wants her to do something, even if she wanted to refuse, it will only be useless. Xiao Tianyao will not allow refusal.

This man was terribly overbearing. He simply doesn’t give her an opportunity to choose.

“Remember, you are benwang’s woman.” Xiao Tianyao said and added a bit of strength in his arms.

Lin Chujiu, who suddenly suffered pain in her waist was annoyed. She stared at the handsome face of the man in front of her, then angrily said: “Even if I am your woman, I don’t like you. I don’t like you even a bit.”

To prove her statement, Lin Chujiu stared at Xiao Tianyao with wide eyes opened. However, Xiao Tianyao didn’t even flinch.

“It doesn’t matter, whether you like benwang or not, you are benwang’s wife.” Lin Chujiu was his wife, that was a fact that anyone can’t change. Additionally… …

Does Lin Chujiu think he was a fool and can’t see her affection in her eyes?

“Yes, but what if I like someone else?” Lin Chujiu finally understood the difference between them.

She lost her heart, so she wanted to know what on Xiao Tianyao’s heart. She wanted to hear his feelings. Xiao Tianyao only wanted a loyal wife. A loyal wife that can joined hands with him. It doesn’t matter whether there was love or not.

“Benwang will kill him.” Xiao Tianyao lightly said, as if the moment was very good.

“Are you not afraid of me hating you? Are you not afraid of me getting back at you?” Lin Chujiu felt powerless and just lean on Xiao Tianyao’s chest. She wanted to cry but found herself unable to cry.

Marriage was like a siege city. She was inside this siege city. Her husband will never let her go. And no choice of her does matter.

“If you dare to betray benwang, benwang will also dare to kill you!” Xiao Tianyao said easily. But, Lin Chujiu knows that Xiao Tianyao was serious… …

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