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“Ah…” Lin Chujiu, who suddenly lost support, had no way to stand still. When she saw she was about to fall on the floor, she angrily shouted: “Xiao Tianyao, you big bastard!”

Obviously, he knew that she will go and see Meng Daren and Meng Xiuyuan tomorrow. But, he still let her go to fall? She’s not done with him!

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao didn’t pay any care to her words, he even admitted it. But, when Lin Chujiu was really about to fall, Xiao Tianyao pulled Lin Chujiu’s hand and gently let her stand… …

Lin Chujiu stood up, but Xiao Tianyao didn’t wait for her to stand still and let her go again. Because of the force, Lin Chujiu’s body bumped into Xiao Tianyao.

“Damn!” After a series of change in position, Lin Chujiu felt dizzy. Her long hair also scattered and plunged into Xiao Tianyao’s face.

The two held each other closely. But, because Xiao Tianyao was caught off guard when Lin Chujiu bumped on him, both of them fell into the big bed behind him.

*Bang*  Xiao Tianyao fell on the bed and Lin Chujiu fell on top of Xiao Tianyao’s body. The two were tightly closed together. There was no gap.

Outside the house, the shadow guards could only hear the sound inside. They don’t know what exactly happened. So upon hearing this sound, they made a painful expression on their face at the same time.

Wangye heavily kneels in front of Wangfei just to please her. Wangye’s love is really genuine.

When the two fell on the bed, Xiao Tianyao took advantage of the situation and prevent Lin Chujiu from getting up. He also didn’t wait for her to speak, he said word by word: “You are too anxious to send yourself to benwang?”

“Hmph… who would throw herself at you?” Lin Chujiu sneered and angrily stared at Xiao Tianyao. She raised her hand to brush away her long hair that was covering Xiao Tianyao’s eyes, but she found out she was held by him in his arms. She couldn’t move at all.

Lin Chujiu said with a bad temper: “Let me go.”

“Why are you pretending?” Xiao Tianyao said with a smile. The two of them were very close. So even if Lin Chujiu tried to lift up her face, Xiao Tianyao’s warm breath still reached upon her face.

“Who’s pretending?” Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to bother with Xiao Tianyao. Why would she play along with him?

“No? You know it inside your heart.” Xiao Tianyao hugged Lin Chujiu’s waist with one hand and stretched out his other hand to brush her baby hair into her ear. His action was very gentle, but Lin Chujiu only had a dark face and didn’t say a word.

After a long while, Xiao Tianyao called out her name: “Chujiu… …”

His voice was very magnetic and his slow tone can make a person’s heart tremble.

Lin Chujiu admitted that Xiao Tianyao’s voice sounds really good. It might be exaggerated, but if possible, Xiao Tianyao’s voice can make her ears pregnant.

“What?” Lin Chujiu deliberately asked with a cold face.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t get angry, he only kept hugging her and said: “Chujiu, do you remember that benwang said we are husband and wife?”

“Mmm.” If they weren’t married, she had run away outside the capital along time ago.

Lin Chujiu admitted that what Xiao Tianyao said was right. She now has a noble status because of his identity. And she has to live with this part.

Just like a poor lady marrying into a giant family. Does the rich husband change his personality and lifestyle for you?

“Remember… …” Xiao Tianyao paused for a long time, which give off a sign of danger: “We are a couple. Chujiu, don’t throw a fit again next time. Benwang will not always have the patience to coax you again and again.”

Lin Chujiu looked at the person under her: “Wangye, since when did I throw a fit?” And, when did you coax me?

Lin Chujiu didn’t say out loud her last sentence, but her meaning was not much different. 

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