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Xiao Tianyao took a glanced at the hourglass. Knowing that Lin Chujiu hasn’t slept at this hour. Without any hesitation, he got up and walked toward the courtyard where Lin Chujiu lived.

Inside the room, Feicui and Zhenzhu were rubbing Lin Chujiu’s hair to dry. The four maidservants considered themselves as Lin Chujiu’s people now. So, they no longer mention Xiao Tianyao. They also no longer speak a good word for Xiao Tianyao. They only talk about world events to escape boredom.

Lin Chujiu was not a person who loves digging up things. So although she was unhappy inside her heart, she needs to continue living, right? Right now, even if she wants to compete with Xiao Tianyao, she still has no ability to fight him and change anything. So, it would be better to just take care of her injuries.

Feicui and Zhenzhu were clever. After Lin Chujiu said a few words, they will add one or two sentences, which made them laughed from time to time.

When Xiao Tianyao arrived, he heard Lin Chujiu’s undisguised laughter. Listening to Lin Chujiu’s laughter, his eyes couldn’t help but flash with a smile. After that, he deliberately increases the sound of his footsteps, to remind the people inside.

After getting close, Xiao Tianyao knocked on the door. When the people inside heard the sound, they busily pushed open the door.

The laughter inside the room came to an abrupt end with Xiao Tianyao’s arrival. Lin Chujiu put away the smile on her face and got up, then pay her respect: “Wangye… …”

Feicui and Zhenzhu also didn’t dare to laugh. They only paid their respect to Xiao Tianyao: “This slave greets Wangye.”

“Withdraw.” Xiao Tianyao stepped in and coldly said, but…

Feicui and the rest didn’t move, they looked at Lin Chujiu first: “Wangfei… …”

Obviously, the four maidservants were saying that they were Lin Chujiu’s people. They will not leave without her order.

Xiao Tianyao raised an eyebrow, there was even a hidden dissatisfaction in his eyes. On the other hand, Lin Chujiu smiled. Whether her four maidservant’s feelings were true or not, Lin Chujiu was really happy.

This place was her territory, Xiao Tianyao couldn’t dictate them.

“Wangye, my hair is still not dry, please wait for a moment.” Lin Chujiu said and sat back. Xiao Tianyao’s face immediately became gloomy, but he tried to endure and didn’t say anything.

The four maidservants were frightened, they didn’t dare to turn their back on Xiao Tianyao. They carefully picked up the towels and quietly dried Lin Chujiu’s hair.

At this time, the four maidservants didn’t dare to laugh. They simply performed their duty. When Lin Chujiu’s hair got dry, the four maidservants busily said: “Wangfei, your hair is dry.” Can we go now?

The battle between their Wangye and Wangfei was scary. They don’t want to get caught in the middle.

“Go on.” Lin Chujiu was satisfied, so she didn’t embarrass the four maidservants.

“Thank you, Wangfei.” The four maidservants didn’t dare to stay any longer, they hurriedly pay respect to Xiao Tanyao and rushed to go.

When the four maidservants left, the room became more silent. Lin Chujiu was already used with it. So, she simply got up and walked around Xiao Tianyao to go to the bed. But when she was about to sit down, Xiao Tianyao suddenly got up to the bed and pulled her into his arms: “Lin Chujiu, have you had enough?”

“Ah…” Lin Chujiu’s body rotated in a circle and fell into Xiao Tianyao’s embrace: “Wangye, let me go.”

“Are you sure you want benwang to let you go?” Almost half of her body fell on him. Her feet could barely touch the floor. She only relied on his support. Lin Chujiu will fall as soon as he loosens his hand.

“Let’s me go, I can stand still.” Lin Chujiu stretched out her hand to hold the bed pole and prevent herself from falling.

“Alright!” However, Xiao Tianyao suddenly let go of his hand. At the same time, he gently pushed Lin Chujiu to prevent her from… …

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