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Lin Wanting’s words were too provocative. If Lin Chujiu doesn’t know Xiao Tianyao’s personality and if she was narrow-minded, she will definitely be misled by Lin Wanting.

Seeing Lin Wanting repeatedly asked Xiao Tianyao, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but laugh. Then, she kindly asked: “Wangye, don’t you want to say something?”

Xiao Tianyao didn’t look even looked at Lin Wanting. He only impatiently said: “Hurry up.” He had enough of this. If he doesn’t want Lin Chujiu to enjoy this event, he had already thrown Lin Wanting outside.

*Poof* Lin Chujiu suddenly laughed, her mood was actually good.

This man was indeed overbearing, ruthless, self-righteous, but when an outsider bullies her, this man will stand on her side regardless of reason.

When she was wronged and have grievances. He even forced Cui Sanye and Princess Fu An to come to the Xiao Wangfu to apologize.

His protection was simply a terrible blessing.

Lin Chujiu was not questioning Xiao Tianyao’s reason this time. She just wanted to make herself feel better. She had too many things inside her heart that she was feeling tired.

“Wanting, did you hear Wangye’s words? If there’s nothing else we will leave. Additionally, I will repeat it again, don’t call me sister, just by hearing it, I feel disgusted, call me Xiao Wangfei instead. And of course, you also cannot call Wangye brother-in-law, I feel even more disgusted by hearing it.” Lin Chujiu’s words were not politely at all, so Lin Wanting’s immediately became pale. Then, she shook her head in disbelief: “Sister, how can you say that? We are sisters. If I did something bad, you can teach me a lesson, but how can you not recognize me?” 

Her voice sounds so sad and desperate. As if Lin Chujiu killed her family and robbed her husband.

Lin Chujiu also became impatient: “Are you really that addicted to acting? Do you want me to buy you a troupe that can accompany you?”

However, Lin Wanting, the actress was not the in the spotlight and great scenery.

“Sister…” Lin Wanting just opened her mouth, but was interrupted by Lin Chujiu: “Call me Xiao Wangfei, if you can’t then leave.”

Since the beginning, Lin Wanting only had done two moves, but can Xiao Tianyao still not sense something wrong?

“Xiao Wangfei, I’m sorry, I know I was wrong.” Lin Wanting really have a long patience in this. She humbly bent her waist and apologized.

“Since you know that you are wrong, you can go back now and let your mother teach you well. Not every brother-in-law can be robbed and become your husband. If you, mother and daughter think that what you are doing is not disgusting. Well, I am very disgusted.” Lin Chujiu directly said in front of Xiao Tianyao, she didn’t try to pretend to be kind. She didn’t try to hide her true self, she was not afraid anymore for Xiao Tianyao to see the real her.

Lin Wanting's eyes flashed with joy. Lin Chujiu was so rude. Xiao Tianyao will definitely be disgusted to her, so Lin Wanting hurriedly said: “Xiao Wangfei, mother married father for you, she let herself be wronged. So, how can you say these words in front of me? If mother heard those words, she will definitely be sad.”

*Hmph* Lin Chujiu coldly snorted, she was too lazy now to pay attention to this idiot, so she simply said: “I’m tired.”

“Mmm, let’s go back.” Xiao Tianyao opened his mouth for the second time, then carefully support Lin Chujiu to go back home.

Lin Wanting, stood there with wide eyes opened. She couldn’t believe what she saw… …

How is this possible?

How can Xiao Wangye not get angry?

This, this is not true… …

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