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“Just hurry up and say what you wanted to say. I and Wangye are tired. We wanted to go back home and rest.” Lin Chujiu said and raised her hand that was holding Xiao Tianyao’s hand, then she lazily cleaning up her nails.

It seems what Lin Chujiu did was something ordinary, but it deeply stung Lin Wanting’s eyes.

Lin Wanting’s nail embedded on her palm. She couldn’t stand the scene in front of her, so she busily lowered her head. As to conceal her defeat.

Lin Chujiu secretly smiled, she knew only the “beloved man” could deeply hurt a woman.

Xiao Tianyao shook his head, but his eyes flashed with a trace of affection.

Since Lin Chujiu wanted to play, he will accompany her to play. After all, he already wasted time.

After looking to his side, Xiao Tianyao softly swept away Lin Chujiu’s loose hair to her ear. His movement was very careful. As if Lin Chujiu was a rare treasure, that if he uses a little bit of force, she will break apart.

Xiao Tianyao’s hand was not warm like any average man. So when his cold fingertips touched Lin Chujiu’s earlobe, Lin Chujiu’s body trembled. Her heart beat also accelerated and her ears redden.

Lin Chujiu was very annoyed, but she couldn’t control her body’s instinct. She wanted to avoid Xiao Tianyao’s hand. But when she turned her head to say something, she saw Xiao Tianyao’s eyes were full of affection. She saw her image in his eyes.

Lin Chujiu panic and busily avoided his gaze, but when she turned back her head. She saw Lin Wanting completely lose her soul.

In just a short moment, Lin Chujiu made Lin Wanting lost her mind. Lin Chujiu loosened her grip to Xiao Tianyao’s hand and slightly pulled a distance between them. Then, she secretly took a breath and said to Lin Wanting: “If there’s nothing else, we’ll go back.”

After that, she got up to leave, but Lin Wanting didn’t give her a chance.

“Sister… …” Lin Wanting climbed up from the ground and walked a few steps before she grabbed Lin Chujiu’s skirt: “Sister, you lied to me to go to the prison and seek Divine Doctor Mo’s medical advice. And then, you used that issue to threaten father. But, I didn’t blame, so can’t you forgive me this time?”

Lin Wanting was talking to Lin Chujiu, but her pair of eyes were looking at Xiao Tianyao from time to time.

Lin Chujiu didn’t show any care at all. Lin Wanting can seduce Xiao Tianyao in front of her as much as she wants. A man who can seduce by other women was not worthy to fight for.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t really care about what Lin Wanting wants, but Lin Wanting just keep sending herself to the door. Lin Chujiu had no reason to let her go.

“Tell me, what have you done that you needed to apologize to me? Also, why do you want me to forgive you? Do you want me to forgive you for seducing your brother-in-law in public?” Lin Chujiu pointed at Xiao Tianyao after she spoke. Her face didn’t show any caution like she always does before. 

“No, no, sister, how can you slander me? I’ve never tried to seduce my brother-in-law. Brother-in-law is the god of war of the Eastern Country. I admire him like gods inside my heart. How can you say that? Sister, brother-in-law and I were innocents.” In order to prove her innocence, Lin Wanting eagerly explained, but she also deliberately looked at Xiao Tianyao and said: “Brother-in-law, hurry and tell sister that we are innocent. That I didn’t seduce you, how can I do such a kind of thing?” 

Xiao Tianyao's eyes stayed indifferent, he didn’t even took a glance at Lin Wanting. Lin Wanting was unwilling, so she eagerly urge Xiao Tianyao to speak: “Brother-in-law, you cannot let sister continue to misunderstand us when there’s nothing really happened between us.”

However, the more she speaks that way, the more people misunderstood… …

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