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Xiao Tianyao found out the problem Liu Bai had cause and started dealing with it. Liu Bai was so careless, he believed that he and Mo Yuer were both innocent. He believed their meet up in private was not something serious, but others may not think the same.

In a place called the harem, you cannot do something that you were not asked to do, let alone do something in private.

As early as yesterday, Imperial Concubine Zhou received the news that Mo Yuer had met someone in private. However, when she learned the involved person was related to Xiao Wangfu, Imperial Concubine Zhou put the matter down.

There were many other opportunities to deal with Mo Yuer, she was not in a hurry. She owes Xiao Wangfu a big favor, so this matter will not be mentioned by her. As for how Xiao Wangfu will wipe the trace of this matter, it has nothing to do with her. She will not touch this matter. It’s best to be benevolent. 

Xiao Tianyao and Su Cha’s actions were very fast. While other imperial concubines in the palace preparing to take a shot with Mo Yuer, the two of them already wiped clean the people around Mo Yuer in advanced, so that the imperial concubines will not obtain witnesses and physical evidence. The other imperial concubines became dumbfounded after that.

How can good people suddenly died?

Mo Yuer was also dumbfounded afterward. She didn’t know what exactly happened, she doesn’t know if this happened because the empress couldn’t stand her stupidity. However, this event wakes her up, she realized how big her mistake was.

Regardless if you were favored or not by the emperor, a woman who has entered the palace, only have to be obedient in the palace. It was a big taboo to meet other men in private. This kind of thing will not be publicized, but will not let you stay alive.

It was better to kill them than to let them go. For so many years, the emperor has dealt this kind of matter in that way. It was not important to him if the harem of the palace was cleared. 

The matter regarding about Mo Yuer and Liu Bai was privately solved by Xiao Tianyao. This matter shouldn’t spread outside, but Xiao Tianyao had sent this news to Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu was injured, so it was very impossible for her to personally take care of Meng Laoufuren. However, it was more impossible for the Meng brothers to take care of the old lady. So in the end, Lin Chujiu, who was Xiao Wangfei, was taking care of Meng Laofuren.

Lin Chujiu enjoyed the VIP treatment she was experiencing in the Meng Family. She lived in Meng Laofuren’s courtyard and can leave home freely. The same with the people in Xiao Wangfu, they can leave and enter the Meng Family’s place anytime.

When Lin Chujiu saw the news that Xiao Tianyao sent to her, she couldn’t help but laugh: “What did Wangye say?”

“Wangye said that tomorrow he will personally come to visit Meng Laofuren?” Meaning, Xiao Tianyao will come to take her tomorrow.

As for why not today?

The news he sent was the reason why he was so busy today.

“Tell Wangye, my grandmother’s condition get better, Wangye doesn’t need to bother and make a trip.” Lin Chujiu simply said.

She still doesn’t want to go back to Xiao Wangfu. She still doesn’t know how to get along with Xiao Tianyao.

“Wangfei, Meng Daren from Wenchang College sent you a message. After 3 days, they will come and visit you. Wangye already agreed to it.” So to say, if Lin Chujiu will not go back tomorrow, she still need to go back after 3 days.

Xiao Tianyao picking her up personally was a sign that Xiao Tianyao was giving her a face. A smart woman knows which one to choose, but Lin Chujiu was still very angry at Xiao Tianyao.

Bastard, can you stop playing this dirty tricks!

“Then tell Wangye, I will visit Meng Daren from Wenchang College tomorrow.” Seriously, she also has ways.

The messenger, who was tasked to sent the news seemed to be expecting that Lin Chujiu will say those words, he replied with: “Wangye said that the Southern Princess and Western Prince will arrive in the capital after 5 days. The emperor will prepare a banquet for them, Wangfei needs to attend.”

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