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Su Cha didn’t stop even for a minute, he immediately came to find Liu Bai. He asked Liu Bai the reason with his own mouth.

Su Cha immediately became shocked when he heard his answer. And the cup in his hand fell and shattered on the ground. He failed to react at once, but he stared at Liu Bai with a big disappointment.

“You, you actually went to see Mo Yuer, you’re crazy!” Su Cha simply wanted to faint. He had never seen anyone more stupid than Liu Bai. He simply wanted to slap his face.

Although he knew that what he did was wrong, he was still very upset with Su Cha’s words: ” I just went to see her. I didn’t promise her anything.”

“It’s not enough to see her, you even want to promise something?” Su Cha laughed in anger: “Liu Bai, do you know Mo Yuer’s identity? She is now the emperor’s woman, and what is your identity? But, you actually meet the emperor’s woman in private? Didn’t you gave Tianyao enough trouble?”

Su Cha really hates Liu Bai’s stupidity. How can he be used by the same woman in a row?

“She was framed by someone, she is not willing to be the emperor’s woman.” Liu Bai tried to ignore the important point, which made Su Cha even angrier: “Yes, she doesn’t want to be the emperor’s woman. She wanted to marry Tianyao. She didn’t look at herself in the mirror. She didn’t know that she was like a toad that wanting to eat the swan.” But of course, the toad was Mo Yuer.

Liu Bai frown his eyebrows: “Su Cha, why do you talk so cold? Miss Mo’s father just died. She looked for me to let me help her see her father for the last time.”

“Her father just died, Hahaha… What? You sympathize with her? Don’t you know how her father died? Her father deserved it. Her father will die regardless of anything.” Su Cha doesn’t have any good opinion on Divine Doctor Mo, let alone Mo Yuer.

“No matter how bad Divine Doctor Mo is, he was still Miss Mo’s father. There is nothing wrong in wanting to see him for the last time.” Liu Bai tried to persuade Su Cha, hoping for him not to get so angry anymore. Su Cha opened his mouth: “Liu Bai, don’t fool yourself. Do you think Mo Yuer doesn’t know what Divine Doctor Mo was doing? Mo Yuer is not a pure and innocent beautiful girl like what you are thinking. If she really was unwilling to be the emperor’s woman, why she didn’t commit suicide? If she died because she wants to keep her innocence, I might have appreciated her.”

“Su Cha, you…” Liu Bai tried to stop Su Cha from speaking more. However, Su Cha still stayed unreasonable: “What about me? I was right, am I? Such a cheap person, but you treat her like a treasure.”

“Su Cha, shut up!” Liu Bai raised his fist as if he was about to punch Su Cha.

Su Cha went close to Liu Bai and said: “What? You wanted to hit me? For that slut, you will hit your sworn brother. Go on, hit me.”

“Su Cha, don’t be too much.”

“I am too much? When did I become too much? I will not fight my sworn brother for a woman. Liu Bai, if you have the guts, fight and kill me today.”

Su Cha kept moving close his face. Liu Bai continued to retreat until he reached the dead end: “Su Cha, I don’t want to talk to you.” After he said those words, Liu Bai strode outside.

He needs to calm down and think about the things between him and Mo Yuer.

Su Cha fell on the floor and released a deep breath. Then, he swept his baby hair on his forehead and handsomely said: “Look at how I desperately tried to get things out from him. Tianyao, you should not be angry at me anymore, right?”

When Xiao Tianyao received the news from a shadow guard, he shook his head… …

Fortunately, Su Cha asked the matter earlier, otherwise, Liu Bai will be screwed and things will be very difficult to handle.

Meeting an imperial concubine in secrecy was enough reason to take his life!

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